Bored of your Scorpio? Five ways to make it look RAVISHING

Launched in the year 2002, the Mahindra Scorpio has become one of the most appreciated modern products by the Indian UV manufacturer. And while it doesn’t really have a timeless design, the Scorpio has managed to win hearts like no other vehicle in its segment. So much so that people still cling on to their gen-1 versions. And while you might think that the Scorpio has started to look boring and common, here are five ways to make yours look fresh and unique.

Starting with probably the easiest way out:

Body kit


Been present for about a decade and a half, the Scorpio has received a couple of changes in terms of design. And while the silhouette has largely remained unchanged, small bits like the bumper design, the lights, etc. keep getting updated — the most evident update was in 2014 when the gen-2 variant came. But you can make your old Scorpio look good by giving it a body kit, wider tyres, a snorkel, custom headlamps, and a bright paint job.



The main reason why most people buy SUVs is that they offer a lot of space, are stable on the highways, and won’t have a problem in traversing bad terrain. With off-roading not being a criterion for a lot of buyers (most), why not make your vehicle more road-worthy.


Like adding these BBS-lookalike wheels, which might not be suited for going off the road, but enhance the vehicle’s looks. The AT tyres offer the best compromise between on- and off-road grip, and hence making the Scorpio a multifaceted vehicle.

Proper off-roader


If it’s function over form, then you can give up on the alloy wheels, modular bumpers, and metallic paintjobs. And that’s what this Sarbloh Motors-made custom Scorpio is all about — function over form. The S4+ trim of the Scorpio is a great VFM offering, and with the 4WD option, it’s quite functional, too.


As can be seen in the photo, the vehicle gets a simple yet lovely dual-tone paint job, custom bumpers at the front and the rear, a snorkel, a set of auxiliary lights mounted on the bumper and a light bar on the carrier, and of course, the very lovely-looking steel rims.


The rear-mounted spare wheel and the jerrycan add to the appeal, and the vehicle also gets an optional roof-mounted tent, too.

Mahindra Customisation


Mahindra’s in-house customisation arm can customise the Scorpio for you if you’re looking for more extensive and bespoke levels of personalisation. There are a few pre-set designs that look great on the previous generation version of the Scorpio — sadly there’s nothing for the new one yet.


There was the Scorpio Xtreme and the Platoon, the Dark Horse, and even a Getaway based design, called Lifestyle. It must be kept in mind that if there’s a change in the vehicle’s structure, then the RTO might have an issue with that, so check with them first before your vehicle is sent to the body shop.

And if you have the Getaway


Making the Scorpio Getaway look better is simple, because it’s got a more distinguished body style, and thus even the smallest of changes will look great. Take this Motormind’s custom Getaway for example. It gets a custom bumper up front, flared wheel arches on the sides, and new wheels and tyres. The custom Getaway looks nothing short of amazing. But that’s not all! While you might have seen Gul Panag’s vehicle made by Sarbloh Motors, the special edition Pick Up (Getaway) looks neat, too. Limited to just 20 units, the special edition was made to commemorate Mahindra’s sponsorship of endurance motorcycle racer Chaleco Lopez.


The vehicle gets a custom, off-road bumper up front, nice-looking alloys, a roof-rack good enough to hold 150 kilos of luggage, and the standard 2.2-liter engine (making 120 hp) under the bonnet.

And whatever you do, just don’t crash it, because the recent Global NCAP results are shocking. And terrible!

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