Bored of your Swift? Ten ways to make it super HOT

As we have mentioned before, the Swift is one of the most modded cars in India, due to its youthful and sporty persona mainly. Since the all-new Swift is coming to India soon, here are ways to give your existing Swift a makeover:

Body kit

swift mod 6

This is the easiest and the change that is done a lot on the Swift. A body kit transforms the look of the car. There are many kits out there ranging from subtle to outright in your face that will make the Swift a great looker. One such kit is the GT-R kit which makes the Swift resemble the front end of the legendary GT-R.

There are other sportier kits out there in the market that can give your Swift facelift to keep it fresh. You can also get a custom designed body kit for the car from fabricators who do such mods in the country.

Wrap it

swift mod 1

Bored of the colour on your Swift? A wrap is a simple solution to that. All you need to do is go to one among the many companies that provide wraps and select the material (matt, satin, chrome, etc) and the colour you’d want. This does take a few days to do and has the additional benefit that it will protect your actual paint from getting damaged. Costs depend upon the selection of material and where you are getting it done from.

Slam it

swift mod 5

While this isn’t advisable in India due to the poor road conditions, it does make the Swift look really appealing. Cars in India have been raised and given the rough road suspension package which means that they have huge wheel gaps and that just spoils the stance of the car. Lowering it and putting a nice set of alloys will certainly give your car a fresh look. Having said that, if you are careful, you can still manage to drive on Indian roads with a lowered car. There are a lot of options on offer, namely from Bilstein, KW, etc.

Engine upgrade/Turbo

D-Language Suzuki Swift Turbo 2

This is only advisable to those people who are looking at a project car. While the diesel Swift does come with a turbo, the petrol one is a naturally aspirated unit. If you are the sort who prefers to remain naturally aspirated, you could opt for a larger engine. The Swift did globally come with the 1.6 liter Sport version which means the engine bay has enough space to fit a larger engine. Sourcing one maybe tough, but if you are looking for a project car, it will be well worth it.

The turbo upgrade on the other hand can also be done for those who prefer forced induction. A lot of updates will have to be done under the hood to fix it though and you need to make sure you get the right tuner for the job.

You can also opt to get an exhaust to improve the sound of the car.

Remaps or tuning box


For those who aren’t looking for hardcore power upgrades, this is an easier thing to do. A remap or a tuning box will help to increase the power on the car by changing the power and torque curve in case of a remap or by sending false signals to the engine in case of a tuning box. There are many tuners out there who offer remaps, so finding one close to you shouldn’t be a problem.

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