Boulder crashes into a Hyundai i20 parked on roadside in Kasauli [Video]

Monsoon has arrived in most parts on India and like in the past, accidents related to monsoon or rains have started occurring in different parts of the country. In mountain regions, things are lot more challenging during rainy season. One has to be extremely careful on the road while it is raining. If you are a person who is driving on hilly roads, then along with things on the road, you will have to be alert about the surrounding as well. Recently in Himachal Pradesh’s Kasauli, a car was completely damaged after a boulder crashed into it. The incident was recorded on a CCTV that was installed nearby.

The video has been shared by The Tribune on their YouTube channel. In this video report, an old generation Hyundai i20 hatchback is seen parked on the roadside next to a hotel. The roads are wet in the video which indicates that it has been raining. The i20 is parked on a road with hill on the right side. Few seconds after the video starts, small rocks can be seen falling from the hill. Within seconds, the size of the rocks falling from the hill start getting big and a large boulder directly falls on to the i20.

The boulder fell on the roof of the hatchback. The boulder was quite big and heavy and as it was falling from a height, it had force as well. The boulder completely damaged the roof of the car and went inside the car. Luckily, when this incident happened, there was no one inside the car. The car belonged to a tourist from Punjab. They had parked the car at the spot and went out for shopping. The car is completely damaged and the boulder was still lying inside the car. Thankfully, no one was around when this happened as some of the rocks even fell into the hotel compound. A crack can be seen on a concrete structure inside the hotel premises after the rock fell on it.

Boulder crashes into a Hyundai i20 parked on roadside in Kasauli [Video]

One has to be extremely careful about these things when travelling to hilly regions while its raining. We have recently come across several reports that talk about flash floods and landslides in such regions. It is not recommended to visit hilly regions or hill stations during rainy seasons as the chances of such incidents occurring are more. Most of the roads in these region are carved out from the hills only and there are several loose rocks and boulders in these regions. Many roads even have a sign board that asks road users to be careful about rolling stones.

If possible one must always avoid such trips to hilly places during rainy season. There have been incidents in the past where roads completely got swept away in rain and landslides. If you search online, you’ll find several videos related to the same in India itself. Landslides can happen anytime in such roads and it can trap vehicles and block roads for days. We do not recommend visiting such hill stations during rainy season to avoid such incidents.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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