Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter range tested in real-world [Video]

Unlike the other new-age electric scooters, the Bounce Infinity E1 caters to the entry-level scooter market with its affordable pricing and swappable battery system, the latter of which has helped it gain much popularity despite it being a new product. Here, we have got our hands on a YouTube video from Pradeep On Wheels, which explains the real-world riding range and a few attributes of the Bounce Infinity E1.

Here, the presenter starts riding the Bounce Infinity S1 on the empty state highways around Bengaluru. At the start of the ride, the fairly simple-looking instrument console of the Bounce Infinity showed a range of 70 km, which is what Bounce Electric claims for the Infinity E1 in the ‘Eco’ riding mode, while the scooter has a claimed range of 55 km in the ‘Power’ riding mode. However, the presenter here is riding the Bounce Infinity E1 only in the ‘Eco’ mode throughout his range test.

Used cruise control

Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter range tested in real-world [Video]

While riding the Bounce Infinity E1, the presenter engages the cruise control of the scooter to obtain the maximum possible riding range. The presenter also experiences the functioning of the brake energy regeneration system of the scooter. After riding many kilometres on the state highway, the presenter also rides through the congested parts of the national highway, where he was riding slower in the stop-go traffic situations than at the speeds at which he was riding on the state highways.

The presenter again heads to the much lesser congested state highways and keeps on riding the scooter till its battery gets completely exhausted. After riding extensively, there came a moment in the ride when the display of the instrument console of the scooter went off, which indicated that the battery got exhausted completely. Before that, the presenter was documenting the display on his phone.

Bounce Infinity E1 range test

After computing the data recorded before the start of the ride and till the moment the display of the scooter went off, the presenter came to know that the Bounce Infinity E1 returned a range of 97.8 km, which is much more than what the company claims for this scooter. The presenter was able to get such an impressive range from the Bounce Infinity E1 due to cruise control and the rear hub-mounted motor of the scooter, which helps in better regenerative braking.

The Bounce Infinity E1 was launched in 2021 and is powered by a 1.5 kWh rear hub-mounted electric motor, which produces 83 Nm of peak torque output. It also comes with a removable 1.87 kWh battery pack. The scooter can also be purchased without a battery pack and can be ridden using swappable batteries which can be sourced from Bounce Electric’s charging stations at a premium.