Bouncers play hooter in Mahindra Scorpio escort car: Arrested by cops [Video]

Just a few years ago, SUVs with blacked-out windows and blaring hooters were a common sight, intimidating other vehicles on the road. Although such practices are now illegal, some individuals still resort to using hooters and causing disturbances on public roads. An incident in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh serves as a clear example of this behavior, captured on camera and subsequently acted upon by the authorities.

The video shows a black Scorpio Classic, labeled “ESCORT” on its rear windshield, driving recklessly on public roads. The co-driver’s door is wide open, with someone peering out of it, and the hooter is continuously being used, as evident from the audio in the video.

At one point, the occupants of the Scorpio noticed that they were being recorded. In response, the driver of the Scorpio compelled the other car to stop and stepped out to confront and threaten the motorist, demanding the deletion of the video. Despite the intimidation, the motorist refused to comply, and the video ended at that point. There is uncertainty regarding how the motorist dealt with the bouncers who emerged from the Scorpio during the confrontation.

Later on, the motorist shared the video of the incident on Twitter, tagging the local police. The police responded swiftly, taking action by identifying the car’s owner and apprehending the individuals who were traveling in the vehicle.

Subsequent investigations by the police revealed that these individuals were habitual offenders, frequently using their hooter to disrupt traffic and create chaos on the road. They were also known to travel in a convoy, blocking traffic by misusing the hooter.

Arrested after viral video

Bouncers play hooter in Mahindra Scorpio escort car: Arrested by cops [Video]

Such unruly behavior on public roads poses a danger to the safety of other road users and is a serious offense. Thanks to the vigilance of the motorist who captured the incident on camera and reported it to the authorities, appropriate action was taken against the offenders. This incident serves as a reminder that reckless and illegal road behavior will not go unpunished.

The police registered a case against the four occupants of the Scorpio Classic and also arrested them. A challan of Rs 10,400 was served to them as well. It is not clear under which sections they were arrested.

Use of hooters in India

Since 2017, the government has implemented a strict ban on the use of beacons by VIPs, which includes ministers, politicians, and bureaucrats. This ban extends even to prominent figures like the President, Prime Minister, and the Chief Justice of India, all of whom are prohibited from using beacons and sirens on their vehicles.

The only exception to this rule is for emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police and army personnel. They are permitted to use blue flashing beacons solely during times of emergencies.

India currently recognizes six categories of beacons, including red, blue, and yellow. Among these, the red beacon historically garnered the most attention and became a symbol of authority, initially introduced by the British during their time on Indian roads.

After the new rule came into effect on 1st May 2017, many VIPs and politicians promptly showcased their compliance by posting pictures of removing the flashing beacons from their vehicles. Nevertheless, despite the ban, there remain some who continue to flout the regulations and persist in using beacons, particularly in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

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