Boy cuts birthday cake in the middle of the road: UP Police makes him clean the road

Birthdays are special occasions occurring every year in the lifetime of a person, and to make them memorable, people usually celebrate them in the presence of their near and dear ones. However, at times, such celebrations tend to go overboard with people disrupting the space of other people who have no direct relationship with them. A person from Lucknow tried to make his birthday celebrations memorable in such a manner but ended up being schooled by the police in a very unique way.

Recently, a video of a person cleaning leftover cake in the middle of a busy road in Lucknow went viral on social media handles, which attracted the attention of many people. Further information revealed that the person cleaning the road was celebrating his birthday by cutting a cake in the middle of the road, with his friends accompanying him.

The incident is from the 1090 intersection of Lucknow, where a group of friends assembled to celebrate the birthday of a person. After the birthday boy cut his cake, his friends tried to smear the cake on his face and ended up creating a mess on the road with cake spilt everywhere in the middle of the road.

Considering it a traffic hazard, a few policemen came to the spot and confronted the birthday and his friends. Seeing the mess, a police inspector schooled everyone at the spot who gathered for the birthday celebrations and ordered the birthday boy to clean the mess they had created on the road.

Police makes the boy clean the road

Boy cuts birthday cake in the middle of the road: UP Police makes him clean the road

Towards the end of the video, we can see the birthday boy cleaning the leftover cake spilt on the road with the help of a cardboard piece. In the video, only the birthday boy is seen cleaning the road, while his friends are seen standing around him watching the whole incident as spectators.

With this ‘punishment’, the police had set up a good example of how people should take their civil responsibilities even more seriously. Nowadays, just to grab some attention, people do commit some antics in busy public places, which can create unwanted accidents or brawls.

In this case, the leftover cake on the road could have resulted in people slipping off their two-wheelers, while riding over it. In addition to the safety concerns, the leftover cake could have lasted long on the road, creating an unpleasant mess in a public place. In such circumstances, people end up creating undesirable situations against the general public’s will.

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