Brake failure? How to stop a car in just 8 seconds! [Video]

Failure of brakes on the cars can be extremely dangerous, especially at high speed. While the failure of the brake is not so common and motorists seldom face it, it can happen to most of us. There can be various reasons for the failure of the brakes on a car. The wire of the brake can snap or the master cylinder of the brake can leak, which will leave you without the brakes.

While there are many ways to bring the car to a halt after realising that the brake system has failed, this Youtube video shows how to do it in the safest and most effective way. All the mass segment cars get the manual handbrake system, which can be used effectively to bring a car to halt when the main brakes fail. However, engaging the hand brake completely can cause the wheels to jam and cause the vehicle to slide uncontrollably on the road.

The method shown on the video uses both handbrake and engine braking technique to slow down the speed of the car first and then bring it to a complete rest. The driver of the car first engages the handbrake of the vehicle mid-way. He does not pull the handbrake it completely. This brings down the speed of the vehicle by a bit and allows the driver to properly use the engine braking technique. The driver shows the engine braking technique by engaging the lower gears one by one with the decreasing speed. He first shifts to the fourth gear and then in decreasing order. Engine Braking is an effective technique to slow the speed of the car. After the speed of the car is slow enough, he engages the brake completely to bring the car to a complete halt.

It is important to know that engaging the handbrake at high speed can lock up the wheels, which will make the vehicle go out of control. The handbrake should be applied progressively to avoid the skidding of the wheels. The engine braking technique is used by almost every enthusiast on the road to slow down the vehicle. It is also used by professional racers to get the most out of the brakes and lower the braking distance of the vehicle. However, the engine braking should be a smooth process and the one should change the gears progressively instead of skipping from 5th to 3rd gear.

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As per the YouTube video, it should take you around 8 seconds to bring the vehicle to a complete halt from about 60 km/h speed. From higher speeds, it would take more time. One should never panic in such situations and handle it carefully. Most of the roads have enough space to bring the vehicle to halt safely when the brake fails.

If the road is not long enough or there is a lot of traffic, always try to avoid hitting smaller vehicles or hard objects like a tree or light pole. It is always better to guide your vehicle to the side rails of the road or direct it towards the bushes for a softer impact.