Braking problems in the new Swift?

There have been growing concerns about braking problems with the new Swift.

CarToq member Toms Mathew reports that his Swift ZXi’s brakes lack bite when used at low speeds and half-clutch. Initially, we thought it’s a one-off case, but it has now come to light across other forums that other new Swift buyers are facing similar problems. Some of our members have also reported about poor braking in the VXi / VDi and LXi /LDi variants of the Swift. Can other new Swift owners confirm if this problem exists in their cars? ZXi / ZDi owners try this: Drive slowly in 1st gear, with half clutch and try braking (like in city bumper to bumper traffic). Or try reversing slowly and braking gently. Do your brakes feel ineffective and the pedal becomes hard? Let us know, as this looks like its a larger issue than we initially thought it to be.