Brand new 2021 Toyota Fortuner goes off roading: Gets stuck

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular SUV in its segment. It is a capable SUV and we have seen several off-road videos of Toyota Fortuner on the internet. There are several examples of Toyota Fortuner SUVs in India that are modified for off-road purposes. Toyota Fortuner competes with cars like Ford Endeavour, MG Gloster and Isuzu MU-X in the segment. Earlier this year, Toyota launched 2021 version of Fortuner with cosmetic changes and updated infotainment screen and engine. Here we have a video that shows a brand new 2021 Toyota Fortuner SUV off-roading on a sandy river bed.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking to the owner of the Fortuner about off-roading. The owner mentions that it is a brand new vehicle and they have not seen many off-road videos with 2021 Toyota Fortuner on internet. They took the SUV to a dried up river bed. This is a usual spot where the vlogger and his group comes off-roading during weekends.

The place has mud tracks, rocks, pebbles lying around and there are sandy banks as well. They reach the first obstacle where Fortuner will have to climb a sandy bank. The owner was pretty confident about the vehicle and he started driving towards the obstacle. Halfway, the tyres started loosing traction and started spinning. Even with momentum Fortuner was not able to climb the section. As this was a brand new vehicle, they did not wanted to carry too much momentum as the bumper might touch the ground or sides and damage it.

Brand new 2021 Toyota Fortuner goes off roading: Gets stuck

After several unsuccessful trials, the owner says he’ll drive to the top from other side and will come down through the track. Within minutes he came up and smoothly started driving the Fortuner down the steep sandy bank. There was a slightly deeper rut on one side and that lifted one of the wheel in Fortuner. The owner was driving it in 4H and for the second time, he switched to 4L. This time, the performance improved, Fortuner was able to climb a lot more than the first time. It performed well but, could not manage to climb it. The deep rut was causing problem and the SUV was getting stuck at a particular point.

The bumper even touched the ground couple of times but, did not damage it. They finally dump that spot and go to another obstacle. This was also a sandy track but, Fortuner managed to clear it without much problems. Fortuner is a very capable SUV and it has proved the same several times in the past. There is a reason why it couldn’t clear the first obstacle. Toyota Fortuner comes with Highway tyres as standard with Fortuner. These tyres are good for highways and not off-road. Tyres play a crucial role during off-roading. It offers grip and lets vehicle move through or over the obstacles. If Toyota Fortuner was equipped with All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tyres, it could have easily crossed the obstacle.

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