Brand new 2023 Tata Nexon falls off the road and turns upside down; towed back on to road

brand new tata nexon 2023 facelift crash recovery

There have been several accidents involving brand-new cars in the past. Here is one more involving the recently launched Tata Nexon facelift. The incident happened in a field. This is how the villagers rescued the Nexon.

The video shows the toppled Tata Nexon resting on its roof. The villagers tied the vehicle’s end to a rope and then tugged it to flip the sub-4m SUV back on its wheels. The vehicle is brand-new and you can still see the ribbons on the door handles.

The video footage does not show how the incident happened but we can see how the A-Pillar and the roof of the vehicle have been damaged. It seems like that the vehicle did not start. The villagers can be seen pulling the vehicle with the ropes.

No one got injured in this accident but the brand-new Nexon got some big damages to its pillar and the roof.

SUVs tend to topple

Brand new 2023 Tata Nexon falls off the road and turns upside down; towed back on to road

While SUVs have gained immense popularity worldwide, their original design aimed for slow and rugged capabilities to tackle rough terrains. However, nowadays, few SUV owners venture into off-road terrain, leading to an increased preference for 4×2 SUVs, which some don’t even consider as true SUVs.

Due to their elevated ground clearance, SUVs are more prone to tipping over compared to standard hatchbacks or sedans. Driving SUVs at high speeds requires extra caution. The raised ground clearance shifts the vehicle’s center of gravity from the road surface, heightening instability. Consequently, navigating high-speed turns in an SUV can be unsettling, unlike in lower-profile vehicles such as sedans, where stability feels more assured.

The heightened risk of tilting and tipping is directly linked to SUVs’ increased ground clearance. Hence, drivers, particularly those transitioning from sedans, must exercise heightened care and attention while operating SUVs.

5-Star rated car

In 2016, the Tata Nexon received an initial commendable four-star rating in crash tests. However, after undergoing certain modifications and a retest, this mid-size SUV remarkably achieved a perfect five-star rating, making it the first car in India to attain such an accolade. The Nexon obtained an impressive score of 16.06 out of 17, the highest ever recorded for any car manufactured in India. This enhanced score elevated the Nexon from its previous four-star rating to a five-star rating, assessed by the same testing agency.

It’s important to highlight that the Tata Nexon’s body shell, platform, and structure remained unchanged from the tests conducted in August 2018. The number of standard dual front airbags in the Nexon also remained constant. The improvement in the vehicle’s score can be solely attributed to the inclusion of the full-channel version of ABS as a standard feature, along with the driver and passenger seatbelt reminder system.