Brand new Ford Mustang crashes into KTM Duke & Datsun Go: Here’s the result

With great power comes great responsibility. A Ford Mustang owner from Bangalore learned it the hard way when his spanking new muscle car went out of control, and crashed into a KTM Duke motorcycle and a Datsun Go hatchback. Here’s the result of that massive hit by the American muscle car.

What happened here?

Ford Mustang Crash Bangalore 1

According to people present at the accident spot when it happened, the Mustang owner was said to be revving the car at a red light in Tiffany’s circle near JW Marriott, showing off the V8 growl of the muscle car. When the signal turned green, the car is said to have gone out of control, hitting a KTM Duke 390 first.

The accident happened on a rainy day in Bangalore. Wet roads could have played a part here though the Mustang does come with traction control as standard. The impact was such that the Duke was dragged by the Mustang, which went on to hit a Datsun Go taxi.

It remains unclear as to whether anyone was seriously hurt or killed in this accident. The Duke rider could have taken an especially big hit. We just hope he’s fine. Coming to the vehicles involves, the Duke looks in bad shape and could take a lot of money to fix while the Datsun Go seems to have gotten off with much lower damage.

Ford Mustang Crash Bangalore 2

The Mustang also has significant frontal damage, and this could be expensive and time consuming to fix given the fact that the car is a completely built unit (CBU), imported straight from the United States. It always pays to have a solid bumper to bumper insurance policy.

Mustangs and crashes!

Ford Mustang Crash Bangalore 3

There have been multiple incidents of the Ford Mustang being involved in serious accidents in India. This is the 4th such incident in barely a year of the car’s launch. The Mustang with nearly 400 Bhp on tap, is a seriously fast car, and it can be deadly in the wrong hands. For the record, India doesn’t have special licensing standards for drivers of such powerful cars.

Also, at under 80 lakh rupees on-road, the Mustang is one of the most affordable high-performance cars in the country. In fact, it’s India’s best selling sportscar. This, in addition to the car being bought by a lot of people who don’t really know how do handle power, is perhaps the reason why we’re seeing so many Mustangs ending up crashed.

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