Brand new Hyundai Creta crashes into pole while trying to save a dog

Indian roads are filled with surprises and we have spoken about the same in the past. We have seen many examples in the past where cattles, dogs and careless pedestrians have been the reason for road accidents. Here we have a video where the owner of a brand new Hyundai Creta owner has shared images of his SUV after he crashed it into a street light pole while he was trying to save a dog that suddenly came in front of his car.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of this Creta was working abroad and had come to Udupi in Karnataka to take delivery of his brand-new SUV. After taking the delivery, he drove the SUV around for about 15 days and one fine day when he was driving towards his home town a dog suddenly came in front of his car at around 5:30 in the morning. The owner of the car was surprised to see this and in order to save the life of the dog, he simply steered the car away from the dog and crashed the car into the divider.

The SUV hit the metal railing on the divider and also crashed into a street light pole. The front of the SUV had damaged badly. Both the airbags in the car got deployed and the owner was safe. The left had side of the car had several scratches from the front fender to the rear. Some of the panels also had major dents too. On the front, the headlamps, grille, bonnet, axle were all broken. The owner had informed vlogger that he walked away from the accident without any major injuries and his car had also got repaired in some time. He mentioned that his only fault was that he was driving the car on the right ost lane and this gave him no time and space to react when he saw a dog in front of this car.

Brand new Hyundai Creta crashes into pole while trying to save a dog

In most roads, the right most lane is called overtaking lane. The middle lane is where the cars are usually driven and the left lane is usually used by slow-moving vehicles like bikes and heavy vehicles. This is a good example that shows why one has to remain careful on the road, especially when driving in India. The owner was probably wearing the seat belts which is why he walked away from the accident without any major injuries. The owner mentions that the car crashed into the divider and the pole at around 50-60 kmph speed and still the overall structure of the car looks intact. The car absorbed the impact of the accident pretty well.

It is always recommended to drive carefully especially when you are driving through empty roads early in the morning. You never know when a cattle or a dog might come in front of the vehicle while driving through such areas. At time, some local or villager might also come in front of the vehicle. Also it is important to install dashboard cameras in the car. It will help you find whose fault it actually was.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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