Brand new Mahindra Scorpio falls off cliff while crossing stream: Caught on camera

We often see cars trying to cross flooded roads and bridges. Here is one such video where a brand-new Mahindra Scorpio Classic owner tries to cross an overflowing stream somewhere in the mountains. The car occupants abandon the car at the last moment.

The video taken from one side of the stream shows a Mahindra Scorpio Classic in the middle of a rapidly flowing stream and struggling to go any further. The driver of the Scorpio Classic also tried to reverse and come back to safety. However, the flow of the stream was too strong and the Scorpio Classic was too deep in the water. Had it been a vehicle with higher ground clearance like a truck, it would be a different story.

After the driver of the car realises that the Scorpio would not be able to make it to the other end, they abandon the vehicle and rush to safety. Since the flow of the water was hitting the body of the Mahindra Scorpio directly, the force was too much to counter.

The video shows that the flow of the stream forces the Mahindra Scorpio Classic off the cliff. We are not sure how deep the fall was but there is no way, the vehicle was saved from the fall. It must be a total loss. Other vehicles waiting to see how the Scorpio Classic will fare through the stream did not dare to enter the stream.

No insurance claim

Brand new Mahindra Scorpio falls off cliff while crossing stream: Caught on camera

One should know that such accidents that cause a total loss because of the mis-judgement of the driver are not eligible for an insurance claim. Since the vehicle did not even have a registration number, it seems like a brand-new unit that was recently delivered to the customer.

Even customers who drive their vehicles into the submerged underpasses do not get insurance claims. Such incidents are not rare as one may think. We have seen numerous such incidents in the past but people continue to do such heroic stunts.

Know the limits of your car

One should know the limits of their vehicle. Getting into such situations thinking that the vehicle is capable enough can result in fatal incidents.

Most modern vehicles are now controlled by electricals, and driving them into waterlogged places is extremely dangerous. All the windows in most modern vehicles are operated electrically and if the electricals get short due to water, they stop working.

Also, because of the level of the water outside the vehicle, it becomes almost impossible to open the door against the pressure of the water. So the only way to come out of the vehicle is to break the windows.

If you see that the path ahead is waterlogged and you are not familiar with the way, it is better not to enter. Many such paths have deep potholes that remain hidden underwater and they can create big problems for the vehicle.

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