Brand new Mahindra Thar royally stuck in slush: Rescued by JCB [Video]

The off-roading culture has increased by multiple folds in recent times, especially after the introduction of the all-new Thar that has made 4X4s much more accessible. There have been numerous instances where off-roading enthusiasts have tried the capabilities of their vehicles in extreme conditions. Here is one such incident.

The video shows a badly stuck Mahindra Thar in deep slush that is also covered in water. The Thar is stuck up to its window line and even the headlamps and tail lamps are on. The entire car got filled with water as well.

According to the information, a group took their vehicle through the same section where the road was under water a day before. However, due to the activity of JCBs and other vehicles overnight through the slush, it got deeper.

Brand new Mahindra Thar royally stuck in slush: Rescued by JCB [Video]

The Thar owner assumed nothing had changed and got his vehicle into the water. However, it got royally stuck. The Mahindra Thar was so badly stuck that they first called a tractor and that could not get the car out from the slush. After the failed attempt, they called the excavator.

First, the excavator tried rescuing the Thar by pulling it out from the front at first. But after it failed to rescue the Thar from the front, it pulled out the vehicle from its rear. It was a successful attempt and the Thar came out.

Water started to drain out of the vehicle as soon as it came out of the water. When they opened the doors, the water started falling out like it is coming out of a container. The driver of the car did not try to start the engine and it probably saved the vehicle as well.

Some off-roading tips

If you consider yourself an off-road enthusiast, it is crucial to remember these essential rules that should never be overlooked:

  • Never venture into unknown areas without a support vehicle. Off-road trails often lack mobile network coverage, meaning you may not have anyone nearby to assist you if you get stuck.
  • Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, anyone can get stuck. If you plan to explore muddy or slushy terrains, be mentally prepared to encounter challenging situations.
  • Remember that the driver’s skills matter more than the vehicle itself. Even if you’re driving an expensive and capable vehicle, its capabilities will be limited if the driver lacks awareness and doesn’t adjust their driving accordingly. Prioritize developing your off-road driving skills.
  • Engage in 4×4 mode before getting stuck. Activating the four-wheel drive system after you’re already stuck may have minimal effect. Additionally, consider lowering the tire pressure to increase traction by expanding the contact area with the ground.
  • Walk the path before driving over obstacles. If you’re uncertain about the terrain ahead, take the time to walk the trail and mentally map out the location. This practice will help you anticipate challenges and determine whether the surface is slippery or soft.
  • By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance your off-road experiences and ensure your safety while tackling challenging terrains.
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