Brand new Mahindra Thar SUV topples after going drifting

Mahindra Thar is one of the most capable off-roaders that you can buy in the Indian market. It has been a huge success for Mahindra, the waiting period for the SUV is still quite long. People have already started customizing it and going off-roading in it. Here, is a video uploaded by Murshid Bandidos on the YouTube channel. In the video, he takes the delivery of the new Thar, then changes his tyres and goes for a shoot. While shooting the video, the Thar rolls over.

Vlogger takes the delivery of the Mahindra Thar from Eram Motors, Palakkad. It seems like he has some experience in off-roading because he is taking the delivery in an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. Also, the way he was driving for the shoot did not seem like he was driving a 4×4 SUV for the first time.

The first thing that the vlogger does is swap the stock Ceat tyres with BF GoodRich tyres which are imported from the USA and because of rubber import restrictions are very hard to find in India. Because the demand for these tyres is high and supply is limited they are expensive and very hard to find but somehow the vlogger manages to find them for his Thar.

Brand new Mahindra Thar SUV topples after going drifting

Once, the tyres were changed, the vlogger immediately heads to an off-road location called Kawah. It is located somewhere in Palakkad, Kerala. He was with his crew for shooting the video. He starts driving the SUV aggressively because the sunset was about to happen and the crew plan to shoot the vehicle.

While drifting, the Thar loses control and rolls over to its side. The rollover happened at a slow speed so the SUV did not somersault. The vlogger was driving the SUV and was not wearing a seatbelt but because the rollover happened at a very slow speed, he was not injured. He more or less walks out of the crash, the co-passenger on the other hand was wearing a seatbelt and nothing happened to him.

Brand new Mahindra Thar SUV topples after going drifting

The crew had 6-7 members, they all try to push the SUV back to four wheels but the Thar is too heavy to be pushed back. They had to use the V-Cross and tug the Thar so that it gets back onto its four wheels. Because the rollover happened at a slow speed, the damage to the Thar was minimal. The outside rearview mirror, A-pillar, door and fender got damaged. The vehicle was still in drivable condition and the driver and the occupant were not injured.

SUVs are not meant to drift

It is not a good idea to drive a SUV. This is because they have high ground clearance and the centre of gravity is also quite high. Also, the ground was uneven which makes the suspension upset and increases the chances of the SUV rolling over. So, you should never try to drift in a SUV especially on rough roads or terrain.

Brand new Mahindra Thar SUV topples after going drifting

The driver was also not wearing a seatbelt which can be very dangerous. If this incident would have happened at a high speed, the SUV would have rolled over multiple times. Due to this, the occupants could have been injured. So, doing such stunts are very dangerous. One good that we can take away from this video, is that the driver was performing these stunts on an off-road patch. So, there was no one else around or else they would have also gotten injured.