Brand new Suzuki Hayabusa superbike: This is how it gets UNBOXED [Video]

The Suzuki Hayabusa is the superbike that comes to almost anyone’s mind who follows big bikes in India. Now a video by Youtuber Jatt Prabhjot shows the world what the actual experience of unboxing and getting a Hayabusa is like. The Suzuki Hayabusa seen in the video belongs to another Youtuber Beard Bikerr. The Hayabusa in question, like every other superbike, arrives in a crate from wherever it has been shipped from.

In the Hayabusa video, the major wooden sections covering the top and sides of the crate have been removed earlier and have been replaced by a cover with the Suzuki badge on it. Once the cover is removed, the frame of the crate, which holds the superbike in place, is unhooked from the Hayabusa, which is then rolled off into another workstation.

The Hayabusa seen in the video has been ordered with a custom exhaust set-up from Brocks and the mechanics at the showroom set about removing the stock exhaust from the bike. They also remove the fairing to add frame sliders to the frame of the bike. The fairing is then fitted back onto the sides of the Hayabusa.

Brand new Suzuki Hayabusa superbike: This is how it gets UNBOXED [Video]

The owner of the Hayabusa has also ordered a new air filter to help the bike breathe better, which sees the mechanics actually lift up the fuel tank section to reveal the actual engine underneath. Also removed is the instrument cluster to fit in new lights for the Hayabusa’s headlamps unit. Finally, after the windshield is fitted, the custom exhaust set-up from Brock’s performance makes its way onto the sides of the Hayabusa.

Cue a performance from the Hayabusa’s new exhaust set-up and the usual cake in the face celebrations with friends and family, before Beard Bikerr races out of the dealership astride his brand new Suzuki Hayabusa.

So what type of performance can Beard Bikerr expect from his all-new Suzuki Hayabusa, which he has named Zoya? Well, the Hayabusa’s liquid-cooled 1,340cc, 4-stroke inline-four engine produces 197 Bhp @10,100 rpm and 138.7 Nm of torque @ 7,600 rpm which is sent to the rear wheel via a 6-speed gearbox assisted by a slipper clutch. Suzuki claims that the Hayabusa can hit an electronically limited top speed of 299 km/h.