Brand new Tata Harrier crashes into a tree at over 100 Kph: All passengers safe [Video]

The condition of highways in India has improved; however, we still face problems such as cattle, stray dogs, and jaywalkers on the road. This problem often causes accidents on the road, and we have seen several examples in the past. That’s why we say that driving on Indian roads is a challenge in itself. One has to be extremely careful while driving. There have even been incidents where careless driving and the use of mobile phones have caused accidents on highways. Here, we have a video in which a brand new Tata Harrier SUV crashed into a tree on a highway after the driver tried to swerve the car away from cattle on the road.

The video was uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. It shares images from the spot where the accident happened. However, it does not include a video or CCTV footage showing how the accident occurred. According to the video, the accident happened on a highway in Gujarat. A cow came in front of the Harrier on the highway. The SUV is said to have been driven at high speed (around 130 km/h). When the driver saw the cow in front of the vehicle, he or she tried to swerve the SUV to avoid a collision. As the SUV was traveling at high speed, the driver lost control and crashed into the railing on the highway, hitting a tree.

The front end of the Tata Harrier was completely damaged. As seen in the video, the SUV’s front bumper, bonnet, grille, headlamps, LED DRLs, and radiator were all damaged. Even the front windshield is shattered in this accident. The roof of this SUV has suffered minor damage. It appears to be a higher variant model. If that is the case, the panoramic sunroof on this SUV might have also been damaged. As seen in the images, the driver and passenger airbags deployed in time.

Brand new Tata Harrier crashes into a tree at over 100 Kph: All passengers safe [Video]
Tata Harrier crashed into a tree

The number of passengers in the car when the accident happened is not clear. However, the video mentions that all the occupants are safe. Tata is a brand that has gained popularity among buyers for its build quality. In the past, we have come across several incidents where people have been involved in major accidents and have escaped because of the build quality. Many of these customers were so impressed with Tata vehicles that they bought Tata products one after the other.

The Tata Harrier seen here also saved the lives of the occupants. The pillars on this SUV look intact. However, it is sad to see a brand new car involved in such road accidents. Tata has sent models like Tiago, Nexon, and Altroz for crash tests. However, they have not officially sent Harrier and Safari for such crash tests. These road accident images show that Tata has not compromised on the build quality of the Harrier and Safari SUVs. Tata is currently working on a facelift for the Harrier SUV, which has been spotted on the road several times. It is expected to come with several cosmetic changes, along with a new petrol engine option. The manufacturer will continue to offer the 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine option in the same state of tune.