Brand new Tata Nexon EV breaks down hours after taking delivery: Customer demands new car

Tata Motors is currently one of the leading electric car manufacturers in India. They currently offer the Nexon EV, Tiago EV, and Tigor EV in their electric vehicle lineup. More electric vehicles are likely to be launched in the market in the near future. The Tata Nexon remains one of their bestsellers in the market, being one of the most affordable electric SUVs one can buy in India. Since its launch, several ownership review videos of the Nexon EV have surfaced. Here, we present an incident from Gujarat where a brand new Nexon EV broke down just 10 hours after delivery, leaving the owner dissatisfied and now demanding a replacement.

The customer purchased the Tata Nexon EV on July 14, 2023, taking delivery around 1:30 PM. Everything appeared fine during delivery, and the customer took the car for a spin. However, as per the tweet shared online, at approximately 11 PM, he embarked on a drive and after covering 15-20 km, the car broke down. The specific issue he encountered with the car was not detailed. The tweet includes an image of the instrument cluster displaying a Critical Alert. The notification instructed the customer to contact the service center. Notably, the odometer reading indicated 82 km, with the car still having a remaining range of 201 km.

Brand new Tata Nexon EV breaks down hours after taking delivery: Customer demands new car
Nexon EV on flatbed

The customer promptly contacted the service center, which dispatched a flatbed to retrieve the vehicle. The next morning, the service center confirmed receipt of the vehicle and notified the customer that an inspection would be conducted shortly. A few hours later, the customer received another call from the service center, informing him that the problem had been rectified by replacing a part called PSA.

Brand new Tata Nexon EV breaks down hours after taking delivery: Customer demands new car
Warning on Nexon EV instrument cluster

The customer expressed dissatisfaction, citing the poor quality of a vehicle he had owned for a mere 10-12 hours. Subsequently, upon learning the significance of the replaced part within the vehicle, he declined to accept the delivery. Insisting on a replacement, he engaged in discussions with the dealership, Progressive Cars, which had sold him the Nexon EV.

Eventually, the customer ceased receiving calls from the dealer, giving the impression that the issue had been forgotten. A subsequent email from the dealer encouraged the customer to take delivery of the car. In a tweet, he revealed feeling compelled to share the details on social media platforms, urging Tata Motors to intervene and resolve the matter. Similar incidents have arisen in the past, including the complete replacement of the battery and gearbox of a Tata Tiago EV by Tata Motors. In response to the tweet, Tata Motors requested clarification on the issue, and it is hoped that a resolution will be achieved in due course.