Brand-new Tata Nexon visits service center twice in 3 days: Owner tweets after issues unresolved [Video]

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An owner of Tata Motors Nexon has shared a bizarre incident on the social media platform. Sooraj Chandran, who got the delivery of the new Nexon only three days ago complains about the random times that the horn of the car would go on.

Chandran says that he got the delivery of the Nexon on 22nd November. Within 3 days of the delivery of the car, he had to visit the service centre twice. For the first time, the instrument cluster and the infotainment screen had stopped working completely. The service centre fixed the issue and returned the vehicle.

However, just one day after the repairs, the Tata Nexon started honking on its own randomly. According to Chandran, the car started on its own while being driven around. A roadside mechanic removed the fuse from the panel to stop the honking. The car was taken to the service centre where they fixed the horn and said that it was faulty.

Brand-new Tata Nexon visits service center twice in 3 days: Owner tweets after issues unresolved [Video]

Only a day after repair, the Nexon started honking on its own. There is a video of the vehicle as well where it can be seen honking on its own. The owner has disconnected the battery, which has stopped the horn as they wait for the roadside assistance to arrive and help.

The owner has yet to receive a proper diagnosis of the problem from the service centre. However, the problem seems to be electrical.

Do a thorough PDI

There have been several occasions in the past where dealerships have handed over defective vehicles to customers. This issue is not uncommon, and the only way to prevent such situations is by conducting a comprehensive Pre-Delivery Inspection, or PDI.

Conducting a thorough PDI before taking delivery of any vehicle is crucial. Every aspect of the vehicle should be inspected, including the manufacturing month, which can be determined from the chassis number. Additionally, customers should scrutinize the vehicle’s body for any defects and signs of repainting. They should also examine the engine compartment for evidence of wear and tear or the use of old parts or wiring and inquire about any concerns from the dealership.

Every once in a while, a car or any other product can turn out to be simply badly manufactured. India does not have any specific legislation that safeguards consumers from substandard products. While consumer courts exist, there are no laws that mandate manufacturers to replace defective items with new ones, as is the case in developed nations. Such laws govern that whenever any appliance, car, truck, or motorcycle is found to be faulty, it should be promptly replaced, or the customer should be duly compensated for the inconvenience caused.