Brand-new Tata Punch falls 6 feet down as new driver loses control just after delivery [Video]

New Tata Punch accident

Driving a car might not be as easy as it looks for some people. The new owner of a Tata Punch, who recently took delivery of the Punch, drove it off an edge, causing the car to fall at least six feet down. Here is a video that shows the accident.


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The video depicts the person driving the new car on a relatively empty stretch of road. After making a turn, the car goes out of control and then falls into a basement, which appears to be at least 6 feet deep.

The Tata Punch impacts the bottom with its right front side first. Even though it was a low-impact accident, it could have injured the passengers inside the vehicle if they were not wearing seatbelts. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the accident, and everyone traveling in the car emerged safely.

We are not sure how exactly the accident happened. However, it is highly likely that the driver of the car was new and may have been confused between the brake and the accelerator. While we are not sure if this was an automatic AMT variant or a manual version, such confusion can happen to any new driver.

It is also possible that the new driver pressed the accelerator a bit too much, causing the car to go out of control. Then, the driver may have panicked and been unable to apply the brakes to stop the car in time.

Many such accidents

Brand-new Tata Punch falls 6 feet down as new driver loses control just after delivery [Video]

Many such post-delivery accidents have been reported. In an infamous case, a Tata Tiago AMT fell from the first floor of a showroom while the customer was familiarizing themselves with the car. Earlier, a Kia Carnival crashed into a wall during delivery while the customer was maneuvering the car down a ramp from the showroom. Another accident involved a brand-new Volkswagen Polo. The customer took delivery but couldn’t control the car in the showroom parking lot, and the hatchback overturned within minutes of taking delivery.

Getting a driving license in India is pretty easy. In fact, it is considered to be one of the easiest countries where you could procure a license. New drivers though should spend more time honing their skills and gaining experience on the public roads. Since most Indians do not follow road rules strictly, it becomes even more difficult to drive in such situations. One should be more careful and gain more confidence before taking full control of the vehicle. It could be dangerous for the people around as well. Also Read: Tata Punch: 3 New Variants Added, 10 Old Variants Dropped