Brand new Tata Safari crashes into a bridge just after delivery [Video]

The build quality of a vehicle has become a crucial deciding factor for many car buyers in India. Indian manufacturers are now working on offering more safety features than ever before. This is a good trend, and these safety features, along with the build quality of the vehicle, have saved the lives of the driver and occupants several times. We have come across several accidents where the occupants could walk away from the accident only because of the build quality. Here we have a video where a brand-new Tata Safari crashed into the wall of a small bridge in a village in Madhya Pradesh.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel and by one of his subscribers. The video mentions that the accident happened in some part of Madhya Pradesh, and the Safari Dark Edition SUV seen in the video looks brand new. The SUV does not have a registration plate as well. The accident is said to have happened at night, and the locals only came to know about it in the morning. The left-hand side of the SUV has crashed into the wall of a small bridge.

It looks like the driver was driving the SUV fast when it crashed because, after the impact, the wall on the bridge had moved a bit backwards, and there is also a crack between the bridge and the wall. The left fender, bumper, and headlight have been completely damaged. The video also mentions that the left front tire of the SUV is also completely damaged, and the front windscreen of the SUV has a crack. The rear right-side tire of the SUV is actually in the air. The exact reason for the accident is not known. It is possible that some animal or object might have come in front of the car, and the driver might have steered the car in the direction of the wall to avoid hitting the object.

Brand new Tata Safari crashes into a bridge just after delivery [Video]
Tata Safari crashed into a bridge

The other possibility is that the driver was not able to control the vehicle at high speed and rammed into the bridge. The passenger-side airbag had deployed, and we hope that all the passengers in the vehicle were safe. This was definitely a bad accident. The build quality of the SUV is clearly seen in the video. None of the pillars were damaged, and other than the damaged fender, wheels, and headlamps, everything else looks fine in this SUV. When you buy a new car, it is very obvious to get excited, but one should always make sure to get used to the car before trying to drive it fast.

In many cases, people who switch from a manual car to an automatic have faced problems as they often forget the fact that they are driving an automatic car, which often leads to an accident. Also, the video shared here does not have any details on the person and occupants in the car. For the same reason, we don’t have a clear idea of what might have happened. Always drive a car or bike carefully and pay attention to the road, especially when there is less light on the road.

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