Brand New Toyota Innova Hycross modified with JL Audio setup [Video]

The Indo-Japanese carmaker Toyota Kirloskar Motor recently launched the newest iteration of its highly popular MPV Innova dubbed the Hycross. The model has now already started arriving at modification shops across the country and recently a video of modifications being added to this MPV has made its way to YouTube. The video showcases a base model Innova Hycross getting various accessories fitted at a shop in New Delhi.

The video of the Innova Hycross getting equipped with new accessories has been uploaded by Raahee on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the presenter introducing the owner of the shop at which the work is being done on the car. The owner then tells that the model is the newest Hycross’s base G variant and it will be getting a complete audio upgrade, side steps, ambient lighting, and sound deadening. Following this, the presenter shows the interior of the car which has been completely stripped down by the shop technicians to install new audio components.

The presenter then asks the shop owner about the type of audio setup that will be going in the car to which he replies that will be adding JL Audio speakers along with amplifiers and Co-axis components. He states that as the battery of the car is underneath the driver seat they will be adding the amps under the third row seats so they can leave the rear boot space intact. He stated that this is the first Hycross getting the full custom audio setup so they will place things as they progress. The presenter then showcases the stripped down dashboard and mentions that they are adding ambient lighting wiring. The shop owner mentions that they will be using 4 gauge wiring for all entire audio setup.

Brand New Toyota Innova Hycross modified with JL Audio setup [Video]

Following this the presenter adds a small snippet of the stock interior of the car and shows how the car comes from factory. He then shows the sound deadening work done on all the door panels. This is one of the newer modifications that is getting popular with car modifiers because it helps in reducing the noises from outside coming inside. The presenter then showcases the new JL audio speakers that are going in the car. He tells that these are speakers have very good audio quality and their output is also phenomenal. Then the presenter shows a little more of the work being done inside the car.

Near the end the presenter then asks the owner of the shop to summarize all the work that has been done to the MPV. The owner of the shop then starts from the outside and shows the new side steps of the car. He mentions that these are Hycross specific side steps and not some makeshift side steps from any other model. He then shows the rear guard installed by them. Moving on he shows the amp in the rear hidden storage compartment and then shows the quilted foot mats and leather seat covers. The presenter also shows the ambient lighting of the car and all the intricate work done by the shop in the interior of the Innova Hycross.


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