Brand-new Volkswagen Virtus falls down from the showroom during delivery

In recent times, instances of vehicle delivery going wrong have caught the attention of many. There are several videos of people crashing their new vehicles soon after taking their delivery, which has questioned their driving skills and shocked the viewers. The string of such incidents saw another addition of a Volkswagen Virtus delivery gone wrong, the visuals of which have gone viral on the internet.

Brand-new Volkswagen Virtus falls down from the showroom during delivery

Recently, in an incident reported from Rajahmundry by Rushlane, a person crashed his brand-new Volkswagen Virtus outside the brand’s showroom, soon after taking the delivery of the new vehicle. In this unfortunate incident, the person crashed his Virtus right outside the gate of the showroom after driving out of his vehicle. The Virtus fell 6-7 feet down the slightly elevated road, as a result of which its nose got completely damaged in the accident.

Brand-new Volkswagen Virtus falls down from the showroom during delivery

While the actual reason for this accident is yet to come out, the initial reports are claiming that it was a mistake on the driver’s part, as he misjudged the road clearance and dimensions of his car. The person driving the Virtus failed to estimate the clearance after driving the new car off the slope outside the showroom’s gate.


In the visuals of the accident which are circulating on the internet, we can see that the Virtus has nosedived on the elevation outside the showroom. Due to this, the front profile of the new Virtus seems to have suffered from the impact, with prominent damages visible in the front fascia of the car, including the front bumper and grille.

Apart from the front, there are no other damages visible in the crashed Virtus. All the glass panels and body panels beyond the front fenders look intact, which indicates that the impact of the crash and the speed of the car were not too high. However, there might be chances that some of the components of the Virtus placed under its hood might require replacement.

Brand-new Volkswagen Virtus falls down from the showroom during delivery

Car delivery incidents have become common

This is another incident which has brought the instances of new car delivery going wrong back into the limelight. Apart from the misjudgement of the new car’s dimensions and steering and power calibrations, many people crash their newly-bought car out of haste and excitement of the new purchase.

In addition, some people also fail to understand the throttle calibration and power offered by the engine, which can result in abrupt acceleration and braking resulting in such crashes. To avoid such crashes, people need to be educated and trained properly while they are getting new driving licenses.

Volkswagen Virtus Crash Outside Showroom – Delivery Gone Wrong?

Earlier this year, a customer taking delivery of brand-new Mahindra Thar in Bengaluru drove it through the showroom and fell on the road.

Last year, a Tata Tiago fell from the first floor of the showroom after a similar incident. The customer of the car got the keys inside the showroom and the dealership personnel was explaining the features of the vehicle. The CCTV shows that the car started moving and went straight through the glass wall.

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