Brave Bulldozer driver rescues stranded people from a landslide, like a BOSS [Video]

With the monsoon taking over the Indian sub-continent, many people are facing problems during their daily commute in the cities. In the mountains, however, the situation is a bit more delicate. A video from the Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh shows an excavator helping people to cross a water crossing.

What is happening here?

The video shows a vicious water crossing in the mountains, which is a common sight in the Himalayan region during the monsoon. Most of the times, roads come in the way of such water crossings and it becomes extremely tricky to cross such stretches.

The video shows a similar water crossing in the Chamba region and a few stranded pedestrians on one side of the fast-flowing water. An excavator, which could have been stationed around the area to clear the roads in case of a landslide, came into action to help the stranded group.

The excavator can be seen crossing the fast-flowing stretch of water and lowering its loading bay for the people. A few people can be seen getting on the backhoe loader of the crane and holding it securely. The crane operator then lifts up the loading bay and crosses the high-speed water crossing. It then drops the pedestrians safely on the other side and comes back to rescue more people.

While it may look adventurous in the video, it is an extremely dangerous job. The fast-flowing water makes the loose gravel give way and any external force from a vehicle can make it slip to deep gorges. Also, the high water pressure can push the crane into the valley. With so many dangers, the crane operator thought about it swiftly and acted to rescue the group of people. Had it not been there, those people would have tried to cross it on foot and the results could have been very different.

High-flow water crossings are dangerous

With the Ladakh season open for tourists, many road users face the water-crossing challenge in the mountains. The melting snow causes high-speed water crossings on the roads and many people try to cross it without taking enough precautions.

One should always be at a slow speed while crossing the water streams. It is always best to wait for the water flow to reduce if it looks too dangerous. Such crossings slow down during the evenings and early morning when the temperature reduces and the rate of snow melting comes down.