Brave Jammu schoolgirl on scooter crashes into boy who tries to stop and harass her [Video]

A girl in Jammu, on a scooter, crashed into a teenager who allegedly tried to stop and harass her.The violent crash left the boy sprawled on the ground but his friends helped him back on his feet. The girl also lost her balance and fell off her scooter. She’s said to be injured in the crash. The teenager who tried to harass the girl was a part of a trio on a motorcycle. Here’s a video that shows what exactly happened.

While we don’t know what led to this incident, the video indicates that three boys/men on a motorcycle first try to stop on the road, and one of them stands right in the middle of the road, blocking the road, seemingly in wait of the approaching girl. The girl on the scooter doesn’t slow down and instead slams into the person blocking the road even as his two friends sitting on the motorcycle watch the whole incident unfold. The two people on the motorcycle watch for a few moments even as their friend lies on the road. They then help him to his feet, totally ignoring the girl who also has crashed a few feet away.

The incident happened at Doda, Jammu, and the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Iftkhar Ahmed, has spoken on camera, saying that multiple cases under Indian Penal Code sections 341, 336 and 294 have been registered against the three people who tried to stop, and allegedly harass the girl.

All three – Umar, Naheem and Azhar – have also been arrested, and their motorcycle seized. Police are said to now be further investigating this incident. Notably, the sections that the three people have been booked pertain to 1. Obscenity (294), 2. Endangering personal safety/life of others (336) and 3. Wrongful restraint (341).

The latest incident comes at a time where there’s a nationwide focus on growing sexual crimes against women, especially girls.

Via Latestly