Bright yellow Tata Nexon Electric SUV is a crowd magnet [Video]

The rising popularity of electric vehicles in recent times has brought all the attention of the world towards them. Even while they are in motion, they catch a lot of glances and eyeballs, due to their extreme silent powertrains making no sound. However, apart from EV badges on the exterior, there is nothing much which differentiates them from their petrol-powered counterparts, for example in the case of the Tata Nexon EV. However, a Tata Nexon EV owner tried to make his SUV look stand apart from the crowd by giving it a bright yellow paint scheme.

This unique-looking yellow-coloured Tata Nexon EV comes from Kerala, though the details of the owner are not known. One can see this Nexon EV in a YouTube video uploaded by ‘Raftaar 7811’, in which the Nexon EV gets a bright-looking Victory Yellow paint scheme. This is the same shade which was available in the facelifted version of the Tata Tiago for a few months since its launch. While this colour is not officially available in the Tata Nexon EV, the owner of this particular vehicle must have either given it a wrap job or changed the colour of the car completely at a paint booth.

Not many OEM yellow cars available

Bright yellow Tata Nexon Electric SUV is a crowd magnet [Video]

While a yellow paint scheme looks outstanding and is an attention-grabbing colour option, not many carmakers offer it as standard. The low demand for such a quirky colour option in the mass-market segments and the low resale value are some of the factors which many carmakers stay away from this colour option. Though yellow is one of the most sought-after colours for expensive sports cars, carmakers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren offer it for their models.

Currently, the Tata Nexon EV is offered in a range of sober and more widely-accepted colour options as standard, which includes Pristine White, Intense Teal and Daytona Grey. In addition to these three colour options, the Nexon EV is also available in a Dark Edition version, which gets an Atlas Black colour option. In all these colour options, the Nexon EV gets contrast blue highlights on the front grille, fog lamp housings and rear reflector surround. Apart from the Dark Edition, the regular versions of the Nexon EV also get additional blue highlights on the window frame and boot lid, which indicate that they have an electric powertrain under their hoods, and not an ICE engine.

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