Brilliant reflexes! Driver jumps off at the last second from JCB falling into a valley

Quick reflexes and reactions save lives on the roads and we know many examples that prove the same. Here is an incident that happened in Chukitong Village in Nagaland where the driver of a hydraulic excavator jumped out of the vehicle in last minuted to save his life.

The video from Nagaland shows an excavator mounted on a truck. The operator of the excavator was trying to get down of the truck using his hydraulics. While balancing the excavator on the truck it slipped from the truck. There were many onlookers at the site and a few of them were recording the incident on their mobile phones. The videos show how the driver jumped out of the vehicle in the last minute to save himself from certain injuries and even death.

The driver senses that the excavator is starting to slip to its side from the truck. That’s when he decided to jump out of it. He gets up from his seat and makes the jump out of the door of the vehicle that was already open. The excavator tipped off the truck by that time but the driver somehow managed to get out of it.

The operator landed in the valley but somehow managed to balance himself and stop his body from rolling down into the valley. The JCB becomes a wreck though. The operator would have been tossed around and could have been crushed if he had not got out in time. It sure was something extremely quick and no one would have believed it without the footage recorded by the bystanders.

Heavy vehicles tipping over

Operating such complicated machines and vehicles require special skills and training. Excavators tipping over from the truck are quite common in India and around the world. Since the operator uses the arms of the machine to get down and get up on a truck for transportation, such incidents keep on happening. There are many such incidents where the driver could not judge the length of the truck trailer and fell down from it. It is not uncommon to see such incidents.

However, escaping such an incident that could have ended in a fatal crash is praise-worthy. Staying attentive to the surroundings is one way to remain alert at all the times and it can definitely save lives, especially on the roads.

There are no reports available that talks about the incident. However, looking at the video multiple times reveal that the driver is safe and did not injure himself in the process. He bailed out of the situation just in time and did not sustain any injury too.

Reaction times can decrease with age but if you remain alert and focussed, you will have enough time to stay clear of the situations. On the crowded Indian roads, it is always better to keep a distance from the vehicle ahead to gain crucial time to react to the situation. If you drive close to the vehicle in front of you and it suddenly stops, you will not have any time to react. The same goes for the surroundings. One needs to check all the three mirrors in a vehicle all the time to know what is happening around and be ready for any sudden change in the situation.