Meet Jamie Robinson, the British man who drives Hindustan Ambassador taxi in Australia

Hindustan Ambassador is an iconic car. It once ruled Indian roads and was a popular among buyers from private and commercial sector. It ferried political leaders, minister and senior government officials for years and the Black and Yellow cab or ‘Kali-Peeli’ taxi version of Ambassador was also a common sight on our roads once. Hindustan Motors shut down their production plant in 2014 and that marked the end of this iconic car as well. We still have several well maintained examples of this car is several parts of the country but, here we have details of a British man who liked Ambassador so much that he actually bought one and is driving it as a taxi in Sydney.

The video has been uploaded by Dhinchak khabare on their YouTube channel. Jamie Robinson is the man who owns Hindustan Motors Ambassador taxi in Australia. He owns a fleet of cabs and it is said that he got the idea of adding Ambassador to his feet after watching the popular TV Show Top Gear.

In one of the episodes of Top Gear, a race between taxi cars from different parts of the world was conducted and he was attracted to Ambassador. He felt that Ambassador had a lot more character to it when compared to other cabs in the race and that is why he decided to buy one. He also has a London black cab in his collection. Jamie Robinson is originally from United Kingdom and is currently living in Australia. He was interested in Indian culture and cuisine and had spent a lot of time travelling in India.

Jamie calls his Ambassador ‘Bollywood car’ and has decorated it with traditional Indian artefacts. All these items were bought by him while he travelling in India. The car is being currently used as a taxi and Indian community in Australia even hires the cab for special events.

Meet Jamie Robinson, the British man who drives Hindustan Ambassador taxi in Australia

As per the video, Jamie was not able to import an Ambassador to Australia due to some legal problems so he had to source components from India and then found a shell of an Ambassador. Once he got both the components, he assembled the car in Australia.

The cab is painted in Yellow and Black shade which is a colour used in cabs in India. Many times people have stopped him and asked him about the car after it was spotted on the roads. The video mentioned that once Jamie was stopped by an Indian and had asked him to sell the car as he had not seen an Ambassador in the last 20 years ever since he moved to Australia.

The Hindustan Ambassador holds a special place in Jamie’s heart and he is not planning to sell it off. He even has plans to add a Kolkata taxi which is again an Ambassador but gets Yellow paint job with blue strips to his garage. Ambassador. HM Ambassador was in production from 1958 to 2014. It was based on Morris Oxford series III model car. Over the time, Hindustan Motors had made several changes to the car and even added modern features to it.