Brixton motorcycles for India: Will rival Husqverna, KTM and Royal Enfield

Brixton Motorcyles launch in India

The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer Brixton Motorcycles is gearing up to make its grand entrance in India. The brand will enter the Indian bike market in collaboration with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd. Initially, the company is planning to launch four different motorcycles in the country. The exact details of which bikes it will be offering have not been revealed as of yet.

Brixton motorcycles for India: Will rival Husqverna, KTM and Royal Enfield

Brixton Motorcycles, hailing from Austria and boasting a British name, aims to bring with it a legacy of sophistication and craftsmanship. Internationally, the company offers a wide range of motorcycles. These bikes span across various segments.

Brixton Motorcycles is known for its scramblers, classics, cafe racers, and neo-retro models. And the company is aiming to capture the hearts of Indian riders with its blend of style and performance.

Brixton Motorcycles to be made in Maharashtra

The bikes that will be launched in India by the brand have been developed at Brixton’s design center in Austria. However, they will be manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The companies aim to leverage the manufacturing expertise of KAW Group in producing these bikes in India.

Brixton motorcycles for India: Will rival Husqverna, KTM and Royal Enfield

Research and Development

In order to tailor their offerings to the Indian market, Brixton and KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd are set to establish a research and development center in India. With this, the company wants to craft motorcycles that resonate with Indian riders’ preferences and riding conditions.

Brixton Motorcycles is focusing on local research and development. The reason for this is that it aims to make India a strategic export hub for Southeast Asian and African markets. The company is working on long-term goals to increase sales across a number of international markets.

Expanding Accessibility Across India

Accessibility is key, and Brixton Motorcycles plans to ensure that riders across India have easy access to their premium offerings. The brand is looking to establish a comprehensive dealer network.

As per reports, a total of 15 dealerships are slated to open by the end of 2024. In addition, there will be a further expansion to 50 dealerships the following year.

Tushar Shelke, Managing Director of KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd, expressed his excitement. He stated that he is excited about bringing the esteemed Brixton brand to the Indian motorcycling community.

He added that anticipation is high for the upcoming launch. The MD added that Brixton aims to focus on catering to a diverse range of consumers. The company is also gearing up for the launch of their upcoming ADV motorcycle.

Brixton motorcycles for India: Will rival Husqverna, KTM and Royal Enfield

Which brands will Brixton compete with?

Brixton Motorcycles offers a number of motorcycles from 125cc to all the way up to 1200cc. Once launched in India, the company aims to take on the bikes from brands like Husqvarna. It will also be competing with bikes from Triumph, Royal Enfield, BMW, Bajaj Auto, and KTM.

As stated above, the company has currently not disclosed which four bikes it will be bringing into India. However, most of the motorcycles from the brand feature retro-modern design and will be catering to young buyers in the country.