BSA Gold Star 650 motorcycle in a detailed walkaround video

Classic Legends had earlier announced that they are bringing back BSA motorcycles. They had launched several social media teasers and finally unveiled the BSA Gold Star 650 motorcycle. The motorcycle is named after the classic motorcycle they used to have in the 1950s. Surprisingly, Classic Legends currently has no plans to launch the Gold Star 650 motorcycle in India as of now. We now have a detailed walkaround of the motorcycle showing how the brand new 650 actually looks.

The video has been shared by The Classic Motorcycle Channel on their YouTube channel. Classic Legends had acquired BSA brand back for around Rs 28 crore. The motorcycle was spotted testing in India several times. The BSA Gold Star 650 actually gets a design inspired from the original motorcycle from 1950s but, with some modern touches. In this video, Ashish Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Classic Legends and Director for BSA Motorcycle explains everything about the motorcycles.

Ashish introduces the motorcycle and then talks starts talking about the legacy of the motorcycle and BSA brand. He mentions the design and said that the idea was to keep things simple while adding modern features to it. Video then talks about the engine of the BSA Gold Star. The motorcycle is powered by a single cylinder 650-cc engine that generates 45 hp and 55 Nm of peak torque. He mentions that the engine is Euro 5 compliant and the engine is capable of generating more power than that.

BSA Gold Star 650 motorcycle in a detailed walkaround video

Even the engine layout has been designed in a way that it looks like a vintage motorcycle. There are other minute elements like stacked up arms logo on the engine that was seen in older BSA motorcycles. Ashish mentions that in future, the brand will be coming up with more powerful versions of the same engine. The engine is a fuel injected, liquid cooled motor but, it still comes with classic air fins design on engine. It even gets a classic engine casing that resembles with the one seen in the original motorcycle.

The motorcycle comes with round headlamp, metal front and rear fenders, covered front forks, steel rims with spoke, twin pod instrument cluster and a flat seat setup. Video mentions that the exhaust on the motorcycle gets a brushed metal finish and is single sided unit. The exhaust note is subtle at low speeds and gets louder as it picks speed.

Classic Legends have unveiled BSA Gold Star in two colour options. There is a Red with chrome and Grey with chrome colour option. These colours actually give it a vintage look. The motorcycle comes with modern features like a dual channel ABS from Continental. Video also talks about the accessories that will be available with the motorcycle. The motorcycle comes with saddle bags, crash guards, fly screen, grab handle, bar-end mirrors and accessories like riding jackets, leather jackets, riding helmets T-shirts and so on.

Although Classic Legends is owned by Mahindra an Indian brand, they currently have no plans to launch these motorcycles in India. This could actually be an indicator that these motorcycles might actually be expensive than its competitors like Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.