BSA motorcycles’ launch timeline REVEALED by Classic Legends, owner of Jawa brand

Classic Legends, the brand that recently launched the Jawa motorcycles in India is now working to launch an all-new brand in the domestic market. Classic Legends is a subsidiary brand of the Mahindra Group and partly owns the brand Jawa and BSA. The Jawa brand has received a grand response from the Indian market. So much so that the online bookings of the Jawa motorcycles have now been suspended till September 2019.

BSA motorcycles’ launch timeline REVEALED by Classic Legends, owner of Jawa brand

After the rollout of the Jawa motorcycles in the market next year, Classic Legends would bring back another iconic brand to the Indian market in the form of the BSA. The BSA motorcycles would first be launched in the developed markets like the UK and the USA before coming to the Indian markets. The co-owner of the Classic Legends, Anupam Thareja has said that the Jawa Motorcycles have been designed and developed with the Indian customers in India. The BSA motorcycles would be designed and developed while keeping the global markets in mind and they will offer higher displacement products.

As per the manufacturer, Classic Legends has not planned the Indian launch of the BSA motorcycles just yet. They are focussing on delivering the Jawa bikes that have received an immensely good response from the market. The deliveries of the all-new Jawa bikes are expected to start from March 2019 and the current orders are expected to get cleared by September 2019. Classic Legends has announced that the Jawa bikes cannot be booked online now but customers can book them offline through the dealership network. Classic Legends is setting up an elaborate dealership and service network in the country and by March 2019, more than 100 operational dealers are expected to be operational.

Just like the Jawa brand, the BSA brand is an iconic brand born in the UK. The BSA bikes would be designed and engineered in the UK and will be sold primarily in the developed markets. At a later stage, they may be launched in the Indian market to compete with the higher-end products like the Triumph Bonneville and even the Royal Enfield Interceptor.

Currently, there is no information on the engine specifications of the upcoming BSA motorcycles. But they will continue to get their retro design with modern bits of engineering. The Jawa bikes are currently being manufactured at the Mahindra’s Pithampur facility. It is not known if the BSA bikes would be manufactured in India and will be exported to the different markets. However, if BSA motorcycles are manufactured outside India, the Pithampur facility can be used to assemble the BSA bike when they are launched in India and bring down the import taxes.

BSA motorcycles’ launch timeline REVEALED by Classic Legends, owner of Jawa brand

For now, Classic Legends has only announced about Europe, UK and the North America launch for the upcoming BSA bikes. We do hope that the legendary brand does come to India at a later stage and give a wide range of choice to the enthusiasts.