BSA BB31 vintage motorcycle: Watch it being started after many years [Video]

BSA BB31 vintage motorcycle: Watch it being started after many years [Video]

BSA, short form for Birmingham Small Arms Company was a major British company which manufactured various things. The company’s products ranged from motorcycles and cars to firearms. BSA motorcycle are still considered to be one of the most well made bikes that have stood the test of time quite bravely.

Today, we have brought you a video by ncr motorcycles which shows a BSA BB31 motorcycle from 1947 start up. Without wasting another moment then, let’s checkout how the bike held up after all these years.


Even after all these years of ordeal, one has to say that the engine threw a lovely note out of that exhaust. Though the bike needed a lot of work before starting up, a nearly 71 years old bike starting up is no small feat. Excellent engineering and good quality standards are among the factors which have enabled the bike to stand the test of time. The bike was made after the second world war and in the same year in which our country got its Independence.

To be particular, the motorcycle featured in the video, as already mentioned, is a BSA BB31. It is a 1947 model and comes under the B-series by the company. The B-series also incorporates other famous motorcycles like the BSA Goldstar. The BB31, or originally the B31 was first introduced in 1945. It was the first motorcycle model introduced by the company after the Second World War ended. It was based on pre-war designs, and used a 348 cc single cylinder four stroke engine. The engine produced around 17 Bhp of power and the bike had a rigid frame and telescopic forks, which itself was a first for BSA.


The bike had a top speed of about 110 km/h. The BB31 model we see here came two years later in 1947 and featured stiffer suspension setup. There was also a 500 cc version of the bike. The BB31 was a fairly good bike of its time and featured the typical design language of the pre war automotive scene. The current trend of retro-modern bikes incorporate a similar design language. Big round headlamps, low slung seats big tires and the typical fuel tank design are some of the elements that define the classic design now.

However, since the bike had not been started since a long time, it needed a great deal of work on it. Therefore, in the video wee see that the bike is diagnosed in a proper way and all the repairs/alterations are done on it. After the whole mechanical setup is back in place, the bike is kickstarted. After about 2-3 unsuccessful attempts, the bike roars back to life. The exhaust note is quite good even by today’s standards. The whole bike is then given an aesthetic makeover and tuned into a gleaming new vintage bike.

Notably, brand BSA is all set to make a comeback into India sometime next year. Classic Legends, the company that recently launched the Jawa line up of retro motorcycles in India, will introduce the BSA brand here. In the 1950s and 1960s, fully imported BSA motorcycles were seen on Indian roads. So, the brand’s coming back into India after nearly 50 years.