Budget hatchbacks making over 100 Bhp

Budget hatchbacks making over 100 Bhp: Past

In the Indian car market, the 100 Bhp number is still a big deal. Where most hatchbacks are still aspiring to reach that number, here are a few that can proudly boast of making that number.

Blast from the past

Fiat Palio 1.6

1.6 liter 100 Bhp & 140 Nm

palio 1

The car that introduced India to hot hatches. Featuring a 1.6 liter-4 cylinder petrol unit, it makes 100 Bhp and 140 Nm. People who still own the car swear by it and love how it drives. Good examples are going for very cheap even today.

Chevrolet SRV

1.6 liter 100 Bhp & 145 Nm


The SRV was the hatchback version of the Optra. It was a great car, but never set the sales chart on fire. It was too early for its time. It had the same 1.6 liter petrol engine which was on offer in the Optra. It made 101 Bhp & 140 Nm.

Ford Fusion

1.6 liter 100 Bhp & 145 Nm


The Fusion marked Ford India’s entry into the hatchback segment. This car was too early for its time though. The market wasn’t ready for a premium hatchback at that time. But powering the car was the 1.6l Duratec unit making 100 Bhp & 145 Nm. Since the car didn’t sell well, you could get one really cheap now if a large practical hatch is what you are looking for.

Skoda Fabia 1.6

1.6 liter 103 Bhp & 153 Nm

fabia 1

The Fabia, when launched in the Indian market offered luxury features (sunroof) which could only be dreamt of in a hatchback. The car was known for its tank like build quality and solidity. It got the 1.6 liter VW engine making 103 Bhp & 153 Nm. The only downside to owning this car was the aftersales cost which kept people away.

Volkswagen Polo 1.6

1.6 liter 103 Bhp & 153 Nm

polo 1

If Skoda could offer the 1.6 liter on the Fabia, VW obviously couldn’t be left behind. The Polo also featured the same 1.6 liter unit from the Fabia making 103 Bhp & 153 Nm. This motor really gave the Polo grunt to match the good looks.

Hyundai Getz CRDi

1.5 liter 108 Bhp & 235 Nm

hyundai getz

Powering the Getz CRDi was the same 1.5 liter unit from the Verna. It made 108 Bhp & 235 Nm. The car was really quick and offered great performance. Sadly it didn’t sell that well.

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