Buffalo attacks Royal Enfield rider and causes accident (Video)

Indian roads are full of stray animals but there are many cattle owners and shepherds who come out on the public roads. Animals can be unpredictable and that’s why we get to see so many accidents because of animals. Here is one more such accident that shows how a buffalo suddenly charged at a motorcycle and caused an accident.

We are not sure about the exact location of this video but the footage has been recorded on a CCTV. In the video, we can see a buffalo and a woman, who seems to be the owner of the animal walking down a narrow village road. We can see a Royal Enfield rider entering the road and approaching the buffalo and the woman.

As the biker nears the animal and the woman, the woman hits the buffalo’s back with a stick. This, perhaps in addition to the sound of the motorcycle, either startles the buffalo or angers it. It makes a quick move to the right and almost leaps across the road, straight into the path of the Royal Enfield rider. The biker could not react well within time and he hit his head against the buffalo. The collision caused him to fall down from the motorcycle. He was not wearing a helmet but he fell on the grass, which hopefully saved him from serious injuries.

The woman came to help the biker but it looks like the victim suffers a sudden seizure and goes into convulsions. The woman tried to calm down the rider and then other motorists joined in to help the biker. He does not look injured in the video but a helmet could have been much more helpful in this situation.

Be cautious around cattle

There have been numerous cattle attacks on road users in the past and some of them have turned out quite badly. A CCTV footage that became viral sometime back showed a stray cow attacking a biker on the road and injuring him seriously. Nothing can be seen in the camera that could have sparked the attack by the cow in that video. Stray animals can be unpredictable and it is important to be safe and keep a distance from them on the roads.

Stray cattle are a major problem on many highways in India and there’s nothing much that has been done to remove them from the roads. A few years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh had put high reflective tapes on the horns of the stray cattle to make them more visible at night. However, no step has been taken to remove these hazards from the road as of now.

It is always safe to drive defensively on the Indian roads and be assured of the road ahead before overtaking. One should always be sure and know about the road ahead when overtaking. Many recorded incidents in the past have shown that blindly overtaking can cause massive accidents, especially on Indian roads that are very unpredictable.

Shantonil Nag

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