Meet the Rs 25 crore Bugatti Chiron with a 52 crore numberplate

An average Bugatti owner owns more than 100 cars, a yacht and a private jet and that’s because they are extremely expensive. The Chiron from the French automobile maker is one of the most expensive vehicles in the world and they are rare because only 500 of them will be manufactured ever. A Chiron gets a price tag of around Rs 25 crore. This numberplate on the new Chiron is worth more than the double price of the car. Here is a video.

The video by Mo Vlogs shows the Dubai O 9 registration that is worth Rs 52 crore. The car belongs to a friend of Mo Vlogs who mentions that the price of a brand-new Chiron in Dubai is around Rs 25 crores. However, the price can increase by multiple lakhs with additional equipment and customisation options. The owner made a bid of $7,000,000  to win this registration number. In the UAE, bidding for such registration plates is quite common.

In India, anyone does not own a modern-day Bugatti but only a few hours away in UAE, you will find multiple Indians who have a Bugatti in their garage. Also, there are many Indians who own some of the most expensive cars in the world. Until now, there is only Indian who owns a Chiron and he stays in the USA.

Expensive registration plates

In Dubai, such expensive registration plates are very common. There are many who own registration numbers that are worth much more than the car itself. In fact, an Indian from Dubai only bids for number 9 registration number and spent Rs 60 crore to win a number for his Rolls Royce. He also owns other multi-crore worth of registration numbers. The video explains that the registration numbers are like an investment in the UAE. Since you can transfer the registration number to an individual, people bid and then sell these numbers at a later date for a higher value.

The world’s most expensive number plate belongs to the UK though. The registration number “F1” has a value of over Rs 132 crore and it was auctioned years ago. A Bugatti Veyron has this number plate and it is spotted quite often on the streets of London.

In India, the culture for bidding high-value number plates has just begun. The most expensive registration number in India is worth Rs 31 crore. It belongs to a man from Kerala who bought it for his Porsche 718 Boxster. There are many who have spent a good amount of money to have their favourite numbers on their vehicles.

In India, the registration number remains with the vehicle for the rest of life. That’s why people do not spend much on it as it is not a separate property and when they sell the vehicle of the life of the vehicle comes to an end, the registration number cannot be transferred to another vehicle. While there are ways to do it but the process is extremely long and is often very expensive.