This Bugatti Chiron replica costs Rs 27 lakh: Took 1 year to build [Video]

If you love cars, you must have heard of the Bugatti brand. Many popular sports personalities and billionaires internationally own these cars. Although India has a decent number of expensive and exotic cars, we don’t have the Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. Even internationally, it is extremely rare to spot this car on the road. It is one of the fastest road legal cars that one can buy. We have seen several videos of people making replicas of expensive and exotic cars. Here, we have a video where a group of youngsters from Vietnam made a Bugatti Chiron replica at home in just one year.

The video has been uploaded by Yaseen Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vloggers were visiting Vietnam when they came to know about a group of youngsters who make supercar replicas at home. They have a YouTube channel called NHET TV with over 1.6 million subscribers. The video does not show how they built the car, but the finished product looks extremely good. We have featured one of their videos in the past where they built a LaFerrari supercar from scratch.

We are guessing that, just like all their projects, they would have taken a scale model of the hypercar for reference. They built the frame using metal pipes, and once this was done, they used metal sheets to create a base for the bodywork. They did not fabricate the body panels straight away. Just like a normal manufacturer or designer, they used modeling clay to get the proportions and design right.

This Bugatti Chiron replica costs Rs 27 lakh: Took 1 year to build [Video]
Bugatti Chiron replica

Once this was done, they started pasting fiberglass sheets on the body panels. Once these fiberglass sheets had dried, they separated them from the clay underneath. The clay was later removed. The video, however, mentions that the car is made of clay, which is incorrect. We think that the language was a problem between the vloggers, and they could not convey their thoughts properly. Once the fiberglass panels are ready, more fiberglass sheets are pasted on top of them. This gives the panels added strength, which is needed for this car. The attention to detail is excellent, and they have even bought Chiron replica headlights from China just for this project.

Most of the body panels are made from fiberglass, and this was all done in-house. Once the panels are ready, they sand and apply putty to achieve an even finish. Once they get the desired finish, they paint the car. The original paint of this replica was blue and black. However, as they were not getting the desired finish, they repainted the car in a pearl white shade. The taillights are made from resin, and the interior of this Chiron replica is also custom-made. The cabin is designed just like the original car. It even has a push-button start and a custom-made exhaust.

The engine in this Chiron replica is, however, not a W16. It is from an old Toyota, although the video does not specify the exact model. It took them around a year to complete this project, and the overall cost of making this project is around Rs 27 lakh in Indian currency.