Bugatti-powered Camal Ramusa Concept is the Hyper SUV Bentley Bentayga Should be Scared of

Do you remember the Italdesign Parcour – a Giugiaro designed concept which amalgamated the goodness of Lamborghini internals with the ability to take on bad roads. Now the Italian designed Camal Ramusa takes it all a level ahead with an engine and chassis from the Bugatti EB110.


Delving into the details, the Camal Ramusa is powered by a combination of the EB110-sourced 3.5-litre V12 engine (that drives the rear wheels via a 6-speed gearbox) and a central electric motor (which powers the front wheels). The vehicle measures 4.32 metres in length and boasts a 250 mm ground clearance (just to remind, the Parcour managed 330 mm).


The Ramusa is made as a homage to Bertone where Camal’s founder Alessandro Camaroli spent his early days. It is created with a limited production run in mind, but no further details on when and how it realises are out.


But what’s worth noting is that with an 800 hp powertrain, it ideally has what it takes to beat the Bentley Bentayga in terms of speed. Utility is obviously not a priority here anyway.