Bugatti Veyron replicas built on regular cars like Tata Nano & Honda City!

The Bugatti Veyron is a hypercar that held the record for the fastest production car in the world for most of the past decade. However, when Volkswagen first revealed that they would resurrect the Bugatti brand with a car that would do 400 km/h, they were ridiculed. In the end, Bugatti succeeded in delivering what they promised, but such was the R&D costs, that Volkswagen actually lost money on every unit that was sold. India has never been home to a Veyron, despite rumours that SRK had bought himself one. However, that hasn’t stopped us jugaad-driven Indians from making a few replicas. Here are five such Veyron copycats.

Honda Cityron

veyron replica based on honda city

This Honda City-based Veyron replica looks like the real deal if you see it coming from afar. However, once you get close, the differences between the original and this wannabe are noticeable.

The owner has made changes on both the exterior and interior to make his car look like a real Veyron and has even added a faux quad-turbo engine in the middle, which fools casual onlookers.

Inside, the City’s dash has been redesigned as has the steering wheel. However, the gear lever and the instrument cluster are clearly from the City. However, on the whole, this City-based Veyron replica is one that is done rather well, even though it won’t pass the scrutiny of the eagle-eyed fan.

Tata Veyron AMT

This Veyron replica is based on the Tata Nano AMT and we think the owner has done quite a fine job of making India’s cheapest car look like one of the most expensive hypercars ever sold, at least from the outside.
The insides despite being changed are a far cry from the original Veyron. While the owner has added a lot of leather and wood to the interior of the Nano, it still retains the overall look of the small hatchback including the centre-mounted instrument binnacle. Powering this AMT Veyron replica is the Nano’s 624-cc engine that produces 37 Bhp and 51 Nm of torque.

Honda Accorn

Disgraced godman Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan of the Dera Sacha Sauda is another fake Veyron owner in India. The Godman’s Veyron replica is based on the previous-gen Honda Accord and retains the donor car’s front doors and mirrors along with the sedan’s 3.0-litre V6 engine that comes paired to a manual gearbox.

This Veyron replica is as loud as its owner was with a garish paint job. The heart-shaped grille again is an outlandish take on Bugatti’s horseshoe-shaped icon. This fake Veyron even has a sunroof.

Maruti Estron

The Esteem was a rather popular car among Indian motoring enthusiasts. Given its affordable price and the fact that it could be easily modified, the Esteem became a regular fixture in the Indian rally and race scenes. The owner of this Esteem though wasn’t interested in a rally or race car and instead decided to make his car into a Veyron.

This Esteem-based Veyron replica is the work of Hyderabad’s SF Carz and looks quite squashed compared to the hypercar thanks to its rather narrow width and length. The Veyron replica also doesn’t make that much power either as it uses the Esteem’s 83-Bhp 1.3-litre engine.

Another Nano Veyron

This faux Veyron happens to be one of the first replicas in India. While the owner of this Veyron has had cars like the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador along with a Ferrari 458 Speciale in his garage, his Veyron replica is based on the humble Tata Nano.

This roofless Veyron mod job has been done by a rather familiar name in the Indian aftermarket modification scene – DC Design and the work done is rather brilliant with excellent detailing despite the small size of the car.

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