Bugatti Veyron replicas built on top of regular cars like Tata Nano and Honda City!

The Veyron is a legendary car. When VW first revealed that they were building the fastest car that would go above 400 kmph, the world laughed at them. The project was time consuming and very expensive. So expensive that Bugatti actually lost money on each vehicle they sold. But the car is an engineering marvel. Since the vehicle is so rare and not many people could get their hands on one, people resorted to other ways to satisfy their Veyron needs. Since India doesn’t have a single Veyron, here are 5 replicas that are trying their best.

Honda Cityron

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This one looks very similar to an actual Bugatti from far and it is a very nicely done job. It is only when you come closer that you notice the differences. This one’s based on a Honda City. Not only the outside, but the inside has also been upgraded.

It even has a faux quad turbo engine at the rear, and this makes the replica it look like the real thing, at least to casual observers.

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In a bid to look more like the Veyron, the dash has been redesigned and so has the steering wheel. The gear lever and the instrument binnacle have been taken from donor car, ie the City. A very well executed mod job we must say.

Tata Veyron AMT


This Veyron is based on the Nano AMT. We think that the owner has done a pretty nice job with this conversion as the car doesn’t look all the bad from the outside. Powering the Nano AMT is the same 624 cc engine making 37 Bhp and 51 Nm. The AMT adds practicality to the car and makes it easy to drive in traffic.

On the inside, the owner has opted for a plusher interior setup which includes a lot of leather and wood. The instrument cluster however is the same one on the stock car and continues to sit at the center of the dashboard. The dashboard trim has also been changed and now carries a mix of wood and leather as can be seen from the image.


Honda Accron

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Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is a spiritual leader and an actor as well. He is the same person who released his own movie, titled MSG. The same guy owns this Veyron replica. The car is based on the previous gen Accord and the only element that tells you that is the front door and the mirrors.

vey 7

Powering this car is a 3.0 liter V6 engine which is mated to a automatic gearbox. The car has got a very loud paint scheme and the grill up front is now a heart shaped one. Unlike the real Veyron, this vehicle also features a sun roof. This one is surely going to grab a lot of attention where ever it goes.

Maruti Estron

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The Esteem has been a very popular car with Indian enthusiasts. Being a cheap sedan with a lot of modification options, the Esteem has been well known in the rally and race circuit. This owner decided he wanted his to look like the Veyron, and this is the end result.

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This one looks a little narrow and a little awkward. Powering this particular vehicle is a 1.3 liter engine making 85 Bhp same as that on the Esteem. The vehicle was built by Sf Carz in Hyderabad.

Another Veynon

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This happens to be one of the first replicas in India. The owner of this owned a Ghost and Gallardo at that time. Currently, he owns an Aventador and a 458 Speciale. Let’s talk about the replica job though. This is based on the cheapest car you can find in India, the Nano.

The owner has tastefully got this conversion done. Even the detailing is pretty good given the size of the car. The mod job has been done by famous designer DC and hence the attention to detail.

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