This KTM Adventure-Based Bike Is The Ultimate Motorcycle For Indian Roads And Monsoons

ktm adventure based monster chopper

We have seen several videos of people building cars from scratch in small workshops. In India, we have seen examples where people have built custom motorcycles and converted Royal Enfield motorcycles into bobbers and choppers. We have seen monster truck builds on the internet. However, a YouTuber from another country decided to take things to the next level and build a bike using monster truck tires.

The video has been shared by Grind Hard Plumbing Co on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger came up with the idea to build the ultimate motorcycle, ready to conquer any terrain. He calls it the “Monster Chopper.” He starts by mentioning that he will be using a KTM 1190 engine. Apart from the engine, none of the other components are from KTM.

Most of the things needed to complete this project were built in-house by the YouTuber. This monster bike uses 46-inch tires with steel rims. There are several videos available on his YouTube channel about this project. In the first one, he builds the rear swingarm for the motorcycle using metal pipes which were once used as a roll cage in one of his older projects.

He uses tools to bend the pipe and create a single-sided swingarm. He cuts thick metal sheets using plasma cutters to make brake rotors and several mounts that would keep the brakes and wheels in place. Once the swingarm is built, he uses smaller metal pipes to reinforce the structure. He installed the brake calipers and sprocket inside the wheel in such a manner that the chain doesn’t run against the knobby tire.

Once the swingarm was complete, he worked on the suspension of the bike. It gets a monoshock suspension, and it is placed right under where the rider will be seated. He then starts working on the front swingarm of the motorcycle or the chopper.

He machine cuts almost all the metal brackets and clamps that he needs for the front wheel. He designs it while keeping the steering in mind. This is going to be a heavy motorcycle, and turning it is going to be a task, especially while riding through rough terrains.

He did not complete the front swingarm work as he had to figure out where the front suspension would be placed. He then works on the custom frame for the motorcycle. He uses circular pipes for this frame and fabricates and bends them as needed in the workshop. He even builds engine mounts and then figures out the position for the handlebar and the suspension.

He finally decided to position the handlebar right above the engine, and the seat was behind the engine. He then started working on the front swingarm and also the front suspension. He managed to get the suspension part right; however, the steering or the hydraulic steering on the bike needed a lot of work.

He finished the project and did a couple of test runs. He gave the bike a custom exhaust too. This is definitely one of the coolest builds that we have seen on the internet lately. It is perfect for Indian roads and the monsoon season, as it can wade through water and rough roads won’t be a problem at all.