Meet the Bullet mechanic who converts new Royal Enfields to the old version

Royal Enfield (RE) motorcycles are quite popular among  motorcyclists and it is currently one of the oldest motorcycle brand in the world that is still in production. Royal Enfield motorcycles are actually a known for their retro looks and signature thud from the exhaust pipes. Over the years, Royal Enfield made their motorcycle modern while maintaining the classic or retro looks. While many are happy with it. There are still a large number of motorcycle fans who miss the charm of old Royal Enfield motorcycles. Here we have a report about a mechanic who is known to bring back that old charm into new Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The video has been uploaded by asianetnews on their YouTube channel. The mechanic who is featured in this video is the Mr. Joy who is from Kerala’s Thrissur district. People call him Bullet Joy as he specialises in repairing Royal Enfield motorcycles. He has been doing this since 1973 and over the years, he has repaired several Royal Enfield motorcycles.

If you are a person who has ever ridden an old Royal Enfield motorcycle, then you would definitely feel how different modern Royal Enfield motorcycles actually are. Over the years, Royal Enfield made several changes to the motorcycle to make it more efficient, fast, fuel efficient and also comply to the emission and safety norms. Joy has been in this industry for around 48 years and he says, riders from various parts of Kerala and outside Kerala have approached him for repair works.

One of the main concern that new RE Classic motorcycle owners have is that, it does feel as satisfying to ride as an old RE Bullet. For such customers, Joy has a solution. Royal Enfield Classic has a light weight crank when compared with older REs. So, he increases the cranks, removes tappet noise and sets slow speed to improve the ride. He says that, these changes do not affect the overall performance of the motorcycle. He has done similar modifications to several Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past.

His work was so popular that back in 90’s Royal Enfield had called Joy to Chennai to share his knowledge about Royal Enfield motorcycles after he managed to improve the fuel efficiency of a RE motorcycle in his workshop. Bullet Joy is so popular that, he is getting decent number of customers even during the pandemic. One of the customer can also be heard saying in the video that, he has been a regular customer because, he knows how to improve things and make Royal Enfield motorcycles smoother to ride.

Royal Enfield is currently working on several new models. One of their first product to use a different chassis and engine was Meteor 350. The bikes is a lot more smoother to ride and handle and the engine has also improved a lot when compared with other 350cc RE motorcycles. Royal Enfield also has two 650-cc, twin cylinder motorcycles and they also plan to launch a 650-cc crusier in future. A scrambler motorcycle from Royal Enfield is also expected to launch.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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