Royal Enfield Bullet rider fined Rs 15,000 for modified exhaust: Makes cracker noises in revenge

The Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the most loved motorcycles of India, and there are multiple reasons for the said affection. Despite being an old-school and under-equipped motorcycle for its price, the Royal Enfield Bullet still commands a lot of admiration and demand. Factors like the old-world charm in its design and the iconic thump from the exhaust have given the Bullet an iconic status. However, the same iconic thump is used by some maniacs as a mode of creating a nuisance.

In a YouTube video uploaded by a channel called ‘Nation Mirror’, we can see a hooligan riding a Royal Enfield Bullet making cracking sounds from the illegal exhaust of his motorcycle. The rider seems to be caught by the local policemen in a routine safety check, sensing the crackling sound from the exhaust pipe of the Bullet.

However, instead of being apologetic for the nuisance, he is seen creating on the road, the rider is seen arguing with the policemen. In the video, he is seen confronting the men in uniform and arrogantly arguing about his actions. For his silly antics and riding with an illegal exhaust, the policemen penalized him with Rs 15,000.

Rider makes cracking sound from the exhaust while going

Royal Enfield Bullet rider fined Rs 15,000 for modified exhaust: Makes cracker noises in revenge

After arguing with him for some time, the policemen can be seen letting the Bullet rider go. However, even after that, the hooligan can be seen creating the cracking sounds from his motorcycle’s exhaust, leaving the policemen and the passers-by baffled.

While the hooligan rider here is trying to show his foolish ‘supremacy’ over the policemen with his antics even after being the culprit, he is at complete fault here. Creating such crackling shots from illegal exhaust pipes of a motorcycle is illegal and causes unwanted noise pollution. Such nuisance-creating riders bring a bad name not only to the Royal Enfield fans but also to the entire motorcycling fraternity. The policemen too are usually strict in such cases by confiscating the illegal exhausts of the Bullet and other motorcycles as well.

Most Royal Enfields are caught for illegal exhaust

We have seen several examples of Royal Enfield Bullet riders creating firing shots from the illegal exhaust of their motorcycles. Such a sound made from the exhausts feels like cracker-bursts, with many creating such sounds merely for grabbing attention on the road. However, these sounds are illegal to make and damage the exhaust system and the engine in the long run.

The Royal Enfield Bullet holds a record for the motorcycle in the longest continuous production run. The motorcycle is being produced in India for decades and continues to retain the iconic old-school design. In its latest iteration, the Royal Enfield Bullet gets a BS6-compliant four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 346cc engine, which produces 19.3 bhp of maximum power and 28 Nm of maximum torque.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is bare-basic by modern standards and lacks several features. However, in recent times, it started coming equipped with a front disc brake, engine kill switch, and dual-channel ABS as standard, with an electric starter still given as an optional add-on.