Bullet rider shows off in front of Kawasaki superbike rider: Then, this happens! [Video]

Indian roads present one of the most challenging environments for driving or riding, as evidenced by numerous examples. Reckless driving and riding are not uncommon, leading to frequent accidents caused by careless attitudes. While India’s road infrastructure is developing, it is crucial for people to learn proper road behavior. A specific incident serves as an example: a motorcyclist riding a Kawasaki superbike encounters a Royal Enfield Bullet rider attempting to impress him and ends up with his pillion on the road.

The video featuring this incident was shared by z900ridershorts on their YouTube channel, but specific details such as the location and time remain undisclosed. In the video, the vlogger is seen riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R reasonably, unlike some rash riders in other videos. Suddenly, a Royal Enfield rider appears ahead of the superbike. It becomes apparent that the Bullet rider is weaving recklessly through the busy road, squeezing the bike through narrow gaps between cars, all in an attempt to showcase his riding skills to the YouTube vlogger.

In the subsequent part of the video, the Bullet rider, accompanied by a friend on a KTM Duke, approaches the vlogger and stops the bike beside him. After a conversation between the parties, the Bullet rider departs from the scene. Unfortunately, in his haste, the person seated at the back of the bike, without holding onto anything, not even the rider, is caught off guard when the bike accelerates forward. Consequently, he falls from the seat onto the road, resulting in an unintended yet comical scene for viewers, although it is evident that the fallen individual did not find it amusing.

Bullet rider shows off in front of Kawasaki superbike rider: Then, this happens! [Video]
Bullet rider reckless riding

It is essential to highlight that neither the Bullet rider nor the KTM Duke rider was wearing a helmet, making the situation even riskier. While the video may amuse some, the potential for injury to the pillion was high. If the pillion had hit his head on the road, the consequences could have been severe. He could even have got a fracture or some back injury as he directly fell on the road. Moreover, the Bullet rider’s reckless maneuvers through narrow gaps could have led to a collision with another vehicle or the median, causing accidents and injuries, as vehicles coming from behind would not have had sufficient time or space to stop. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of how not to ride a bike on public roads.

Therefore, it is crucial to emphasize that public roads are meant for everyone’s safety and not a venue for stunts or recklessness. Those interested in performing stunts should seek expert supervision and utilize closed environments like race tracks for such activities. These days cops from different states have started taking social media videos as an evidence to take legal action. We have seen people getting fines in thousands for their reckless behavior as well as other violations on the road.