Senior citizen’s Royal Enfield Bullet Trike is the craziest we’ve seen

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in India. It is the most preferred brand among people who love retro looking modern motorcycle. Royal Enfield offers number of motorcycle and is a very popular brand in India and abroad. Royal Enfield is also a very popular brand among those who long distance touring and modifications. We have seen several examples where the Royal Enfield motorcycles are completely modified into a different looking motorcycle. One of the most popular motorcycle used for these types of modification is either Royal Enfield Bullet or Classic 350. Here we have a Royal Enfield Bullet that has been completely modified into a trike and is being used by senior citizen couple.

The video has been uploaded by NCR Bikerz on their youtube channel. The video shows Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle that has been completely transformed for a senior citizen couple. The vlogger was on his way to Delhi when he spotted a couple on a very unique looking trike. He immediately overtakes and asks them if they can stop for few minutes.

The senior citizen stops the trike and the vlogger starts taking a closer look at the motorcycle or the trike. The trike was based on Royal Enfield Bullet 350 ABS model. The owner of this motorcycle, who is a senior citizen had got this thing built specially for his usage. The whole design of the motorcycle has been changed into a trike.

Senior citizen’s Royal Enfield Bullet Trike is the craziest we’ve seen

At the front, the bike has the stock headlamps, turn indicators, suspensions, spoke wheels and disc brake at the front. Right after that, everything changes. The whole frame of the motorcycle has been altered. The frame has been redesigned to look like a trike and is a lot more wider than the regular motorcycle. The fuel tank is not in front of the rider anymore. It is neatly installed on the right hand side for easy refueling and convenience of the rider.

The engine is mounted on the right hand side of the trike. As this is a trike, the rider does not have to put his leg over the bike to sit properly. A seat is built on the left hand side where the rider can sit comfortably. The gear lever has also been modified. It is not there on the foot anymore. The gear can now be changed from the handle bar itself.

As this is a trike, it has two wheels at the rear. The rear wheels are connected to the engine on the right side of the trike using the same chain and sprocket system. As mentioned above, the vlogger had senior citizen was travelling with his wife who was sitting comfortably at the rear. She even said on video that many of them have asked them to stop because of how crazy and unique this modification looks. The vlogger then asks about how much did him cost for this modification. The bike had cost him around Rs 1.75 lakh and he had spend almost 1.25 lakh just for this modification. Overall cost of this modification with motorcycle was around 3 lakh. We have seen imported Honda Gold Wing Trike but, this one based on RE Bullet is a very unique and crazy.