Bulleteer Customs' Agira is their latest modified Royal Enfield motorcycle

Bulleteer Customs’ Agira is their latest modified Royal Enfield motorcycle

Bangalore-based Bulleteer Customs has been in the limelight for creating some of the most alluring Royal Enfield-based custom motorcycles. These modified Royal Enfield motorcycles from Bulleteer Customs not only look very attractive but also offer top-notch quality. The modified Royal Enfield motorcycle you see below has been dubbed ‘Agira’. It’s the latest motorcycle in their ‘Carbon series’ of modified REs.

The latest modified RE from Bulleteer Customs looks absolutely nothing like anything else out there. Up front, you get a sleeker fender and black-painted front-forks. The regular spoke wheel has been replaced with a six-spoke alloy wheel that has been shod with fatter rubber. The regular headlamp has made way for a custom unit that carries a projector setup. Agira also gets a flatter handlebar for that aggressive riding position. Much of the original bodywork has been replaced with custom panels.

The original fuel tank has been replaced with a new one that has a tear-drop design. It gets a red paint and bold ‘AGIRA’ branding in white. This motorcycle is a single-seater and has a low, leather-wrapped custom-made seat. The original exhaust has been replaced with a new one. There’s also a faux exhaust pipe to give this motorcycle a typical ‘twin silencer’ look. The wheelbase has been extended by a fair margin.

The rear also gets an alloy wheel that has been shod with ‘wider-than-usual’ rubber. It is flanked by a custom fender and a side-mounted registration plate. The original gas-charged shock absorbers have been retained but have been given new mounts owing to the change in the wheelbase. The rear of the custom seat gets a thin LED strip in place of the original tail lamp. All these changes come together very well to give this Royal Enfield motorcycle a unique identity. The red-and-black colour treatment, wide tires, custom headlamps and alloy wheels – these are some of the many bits that give this motorcycle a very neo-retro look. We’ve always appreciated Bulleteer Customs for their highly desirable creations. Their latest mod, however, takes the cake when it comes to leaving people spell-bound with some really tasty bodywork.

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