Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio worth Rs. 50 lakh needs new suspension every 15K Km [Video]

While many OEMs manufacture bulletproof vehicles, they can cost a lot. That is why many people choose standard vehicles and convert them into bulletproof vehicles with armoured plates and bulletproof glasses. Here is a Mahindra Scorpio that gets aftermarket bulletproof treatment. But what are the cons of bulletproofing a vehicle? This video by Sanjeet Jaat explains it all.

The first problem explained in the video is the suspension. Since the armour and the bulletproof glasses are much heavier than the standard regular parts, it puts a lot of pressure on the suspension. Due to the added weight, the vehicle now sits much lower than before causing an overload on the suspension.

New additional springs are used to ensure that the Scorpio’s suspension does not give up. These springs have to be changed every 15,000 to 20,000 km. The second problem mentioned in the video is the tyre lifespan. Due to the additional weight, the lifespan of the tyre reduces significantly. The tyres need to be replaced every 30,000 km.

Also, like all the bulletproof cars, the windows do not open. They are sealed. Also, due to the additional weight, the acceleration is very slow. It also affects fuel efficiency.

In all, the bulletproof Scorpio requires more maintenance and the lifespan of the consumables like the brake pads and the clutch pad is much less than the standard version.

Costs over Rs 50 lakh

Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio worth Rs. 50 lakh needs new suspension every 15K Km [Video]

The owner of this bullet-proof Mahindra Scorpio claims that the whole modification task cost him around Rs 20 lakh, which is almost the price of the vehicle itself. He also claims that the SUV pulls off slower and is much less fuel-efficient compared to a regular Scorpio, which is quite natural given the added weight it carries. The result? This particular Scorpio returns a fuel efficiency of 2-3 km/l, thus making it not so efficient and practical for daily usage.

The use of bullet-proof vehicles is a common phenomenon among the national leaders and builders who are provided Z plus security. Such cars do offer a huge advantage of added safety but are not too practical for a common man. Also, such modifications usually alter the original structure of a vehicle, which can damage the vehicle completely in an instance of an accident. Also, damages caused due to such modifications are usually not covered under insurance.

This video claims that the vehicle weighs over two tonnes due to the inclusion of heavier glass panels in it. The rear window panels get cross-bars for balancing the added weight, and the same is taken care of by the alterations to the A-pillars from the inside. Even the rearmost window panels come with additional nutted panels around them, which make them much tougher to crack. Even the body panels, bonnet and roof of the SUV are customized to give it the required bullet-proof appeal. Other modifications to this Mahindra Scorpio include a 1200W sub-woofer from JBL.