Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser SUV of a Chief Minister: Here’s a closer look at what it’s made of [Video]

Most Indian politicians and celebrities use bulletproof vehicles. Many of these bulletproof vehicles are manufactured by OEM but there are many who prefer getting the vehicle bulletproofed from other sources. This option is a lot cheaper too. The bulletproof vehicles are designed in a way that they cannot be easily distinguishable from the regular versions. They are made in this way to ensure the safety of the occupants. However, there are a lot of things that make a bulletproof vehicle different from the regular vehicle.

Here is a video from Turbo Xtreme that gets you a closer look into a bulletproof Land Cruiser LC200. The video claims that the vehicle belongs to a Chief Minister but the name of the chief minister is not mentioned in the video. The vehicle had come for a facelift job when the video was made. It is a 2009 model of LC200, which has been converted to the latest-generation look with aftermarket products.

Nonetheless, the video shows what exactly is different in a bulletproof vehicle. The video starts by showing the front windshield and the side windows of the SUV. The glasses are much thicker than the regular automobile glass used in the cars. Also, there is a thick cladding on the boundary of the glass panes. It should be noted that all the windows of the car are fixed and they cannot be opened. All the power window buttons in the vehicle do not work.

Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser SUV of a Chief Minister: Here’s a closer look at what it’s made of [Video]

In the video, they also take the armoured LC200 for a spin. The video claims that the weight of the stock LC200 is around 2,600 kg but after bulletproofing, the weight has increased to around 4,500 kg! The vehicle is powered by a 5,700cc V8 petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 381 Bhp. The person says that the vehicle is quite powerful but due to the added weight, the vehicle is not as responsive as the regular LC200. Also, due to the increased weight, the body roll in the vehicle has increased too.

Due to the armour in the doors, they have become quite difficult to open. The video also shows the extra armour that has been installed around the frame of the SUV and even the kevlar that goes inside the door trims. The vehicle’s roof, boot, side panels are all double panelled and are armoured. The sunroof is also fixed and gets a bulletproof glass. The tyres have a special liquid that seals any punctures or bullet holes.

Even the engine bay of the vehicle gets bulletproofing. The hood gets a thick kevlar protection while extra protection has been added to the battery of the vehicle. The underbody of the vehicle is also fully bulletproof and gets kevlar protection. It is there to save the occupants from any kind of IED explosions that may happen under the vehicle.