Bus crashes into Tata Nexon SUV: Here’s the result [Video]

tata nexon bus crash featured

Tata Motors is currently popular among buyers for its build quality, and there are several videos and images available online that prove the same. Tata is currently the only manufacturer in the market with the most number of vehicles that have scored a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP test. We have seen several videos online where Tata car owners have escaped with minor injuries from major accidents. Here we have two videos from different parts of the country where a Tata Nexon was involved in an accident with a bus.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was probably shared with him by his followers. Coming to the details, the first accident happened in Gujarat. As per the details available in the video, the accident happened in Ahmedabad. According to the video, a speeding bus crashed into a Tata Nexon EV. The Tata Nexon driver was crossing an intersection when the accident happened. According to the details, the Nexon EV driver was not at fault here. The bus driver was speeding, and he probably could not stop the bus on time.

The bus hit the side of the Nexon EV. The bumper, fender, and doors are all damaged. The pillar looks intact. The left-hand side front wheel of the Nexon EV also looks damaged in the video. It is not clear whether the underbody of the SUV is damaged in the crash or not. The co-passenger window shattered in the crash, and the passenger in the front seat escaped with minor injuries. We can see that the airbags did deploy on time. The SUV did manage to absorb the impact well. The bumper of the bus looks damaged in the video.

Bus crashes into Tata Nexon SUV: Here’s the result [Video]
Bus crashed into Nexon

Coming to the next clip in this video, it has been circulating on social media, and the vlogger picked it up from there. Exact details of the accident are not available; however, it looks like the accident happened somewhere in North Kerala. In this accident, the bus actually crashed into the rear of a Tata Nexon SUV. This is the ICE version. The left side of the front panel on the private bus looks damaged. The body panels have caved in, and the headlight also looks damaged. The body panels are mostly made of metal or fiberglass panels. This is probably the reason why it simply got damaged.

It is not clear who is at fault in this case. Did the Nexon driver apply brakes abruptly, which led to the accident, or did the bus driver cause the crash due to rash driving? In this case too, the Tata Nexon has performed well. Only the rear bumper and the tailgate of the SUV have minor damages. Other than that, everything else looks fine on the SUV. In both accidents, the Nexon and Nexon EV were the pre-facelift versions. Tata Nexon is currently the only SUV in the market that is available in petrol, diesel, and electric vehicle formats. The Nexon EV is the most popular and best-selling electric SUV in the market, while the Nexon outsold Maruti Brezza and became the highest-selling compact SUV in the segment in October this year.