Bus driver finishes lunch in Bangalore traffic jam: Caught on video

Bangalore traffic is a relentless chaos of vehicles, with horns blaring amidst the perpetual gridlock. The roads are teeming with buses, cars, bikes, and auto-rickshaws, maneuvering through narrow lanes and congested intersections. Here, commuters endure hours of frustration, inching forward at a snail’s pace. However, despite all of this, a bus driver managed to ignore the conditions and decided to finish his lunch while being stuck in the never-ending traffic of the IT hub of India. Recently, a video of this particular bus driver having his lunch went viral on social media, and numerous netizens chimed in with their comments on the same.

The video of this gentleman bus driver eating his lunch in the driver’s seat of a bus has been shared on Instagram by Sai Chand Bayyavarapu on their profile. According to the video, the location of this traffic jam was Silk Road Junction. In the video, the man can be seen eating his meal from his tiffin box and sipping water from his water bottle. The video has garnered over 1.7 million views on Instagram reels and over 1.95 lakh likes. Bayyavarapu shared the video with the caption, “Peak Traffic Moment in Bengaluru 🌸 #bengaluru #traffic.”

A number of netizens took over the comments section and shared various opinions and thoughts on this situation. One user wrote, “It’s sad…The driver doesn’t even have time to sit and eat peacefully due to the traffic,” while another wrote, “On a serious note, if he’s diabetic, he needs to eat on time no matter where he is or what he’s doing.” Another user also shared an emotional comment, saying, “The struggle of drivers is really, really hard. I see my dad sacrificing so many things, but I am proud to be the daughter of a BMTC driver ❤️. I request everyone to respect them.”

A few people also tried to lighten up the situation and commented with some funny remarks. One user commented, “Bro understands time management better than anyone else.” Meanwhile, a few others shared comments like, “He must have finished dinner too” and “I have finished a Sprint Planning meeting there.”

Bus driver finishes lunch in Bangalore traffic jam: Caught on video

Just a few days ago, another picture from Bangalore traffic went viral on the internet. In this post, a female IT professional was spotted sitting behind a person on a scooter while working on her personal computer. The picture of this young woman working on her PC behind a scooter was shared on Twitter by Nihar Lohiya. The Twitter post stated, “Peak Bangalore moment. Woman working on a Rapido bike ride to the office. #TrafficJam #TrafficAlert #bangaloretraffic #Bangalore #roadblock #peakbangalore.” The picture shows the woman sitting in traffic, working on her laptop. It should be noted that the picture was taken by someone sitting in the backseat of a car.

A number of people also commented on this post and stated that it may seem funny that someone is working from an unconventional location. However, this situation brings forward the harsh reality that work always takes priority, regardless of the circumstances.

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