Bus driver who saved Rishab Pant awarded by Haryana Government

The news of Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant surviving a horrific car accident towards the end of 2022 shocked many. While fans and netizens are still praying for faster recovery of the cricketer from injuries, they are also thanking Haryana Roadways bus driver Sushil Kumar and conductor Paramjeet for being his saviour at the time of the accident. Both Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet have been honoured and rewarded by Haryana Roadways for their good Samaritan act of saving Pant’s life.

In his recent media interaction, Haryana Roadways Panipat depot general manager Kuldeep Jangra said that both Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet were rewarded with an appreciation letter and a shield when they returned to Panipat after completing their duties. The bus driver and conductor were also praised by Haryana Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma for their efforts.

Bus driver who saved Rishab Pant awarded by Haryana Government

Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet were the first saviours of Rishabh Pant when the cricketer’s luxury car burn into flames before crashing into a divider on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. Kumar, who was driving a Haryana Roadways bus on the same highway, saw the horrific accident and stopped sideways to help Pant. While he didn’t recognize Pant at the first, he and his conductor Paramjeet still went ahead to help him, showcasing a perfect example of humanity. However, later on, Paramjeet recognized Pant and told Kumar that he is an Indian cricketer.

Uttrakhand Goverment plans to fecilitate too

In addition to this step of appreciation taken by the Haryana Government, now Uttarakhand Government has also come forward to do the same. Ashok Kumar, the Director General of Uttarakhand Police, has said that all the passers-by, who helped in rescuing Pant from the accident spot to the hospital, will also be rewarded under the ‘Good Samaritan’ scheme of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Central Government. The passers-by included the bus driver and conductor of the Haryana Roadways Drivers and Operators and other local people.

Rishabh Pant’s high-speed accident

Rishabh Pant had a miraculous save from the said accident, which happened in the early hours of 30th December 2022 on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. In this accident, the Mercedes-AMG GLE SUV was being driven by Rishabh Pant at a very high speed, before it collided with a road divider. In this crash, the GLE overturned a couple of times, before burning completely into ashes. The time between the collision and the SUV burning into ashes was merely 5-7 seconds, within which Pant managed to come out of the car by breaking the windscreen. Pant has come back to his senses but has suffered from injuries on his back, head and feet.

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